Windows Insider Program

Windows Insider Program
Windows Insider Program
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Windows Insider Program is a beta testing option provided by Microsoft to test the upcoming operating system and its updates before the official launching. This program is mainly designed for Microsoft enthusiasts who are keen to try the new features. It was launched on September 14, 2014, during the revelation of Windows 10.

Microsoft encourages insider users to provide meaningful feedback and views about their experience in current updates. With the users’ feedback, they address the issues in the upcoming version of OS and bring new updates based on those suggestions. You can quickly opt-out from the insider program whenever you want.

The Windows Insider Program has three levels named as ‘rings’. The three-level (or rings) are Fast, slow and Release preview rings. Microsoft releases its upcoming Windows 10 features to fast ring. When fast ring users provide feedback, Microsoft makes the required changes to make the Operating System (OS) more stable, then releases it to slow ring and then preview ring subsequently.

Benefits of Windows Insider Program

  • Get early access to the new features of  Windows 10 and test them before the official release.
  • Provide feedback about the bugs, issues, and features. Microsoft listens to insider user for the betterment of the operating system.
  • Be a part of the insider community. It is one of the biggest community of Microsoft users. Find people with similar thoughts, ideas, and interests.

Although it’s good to access early access to features, there are some drawbacks to being an Insider.

  • As it is a beta program, it may have some major bugs which make your computer less stable.
  • Require more bandwidth and fast internet connection. You’ll be downloading more OS versions and sending telemetry data to Microsoft.

How to join the Windows Insider Program?

To join the Insider Progam, you need to sign in to your PC using Microsoft account if you are still using a local account.

  1. Search ‘Email & accounts’ from the Search bar.
  2. Choose Sign in with a Microsoft account instead.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to sign in with Microsoft account.

Already signed with the Microsoft account? Follow the steps below to join the Windows Insider Program.

  1. Go to Settings from the menu or find it from Windows Search button.
  2. Select the option Update & Security from the menu.
  3. Click on Windows Insider Program from the left sidebar menu.
  4. Hit ‘Get Started’ to get preview builds of Windows 10 and provide feedback.
  5. Link an account to get started by clicking the + sign.
  6. Specify the account you want to use and hit ‘Continue’.
  7. Pick your insider setting. Choose Slow, Fast or Release Preview as you desire. Read carefully about each build and the implications.
  8. You’ve to confirm the Microsoft Insider privacy statement and program agreement.
  9. Finally, you need to restart your PC to get Insider Preview builds.

Alternatively, you can become an Insider by following steps

  • Visit the Insider page.
  • Select the link BECOME AN INSIDER.
  • Log in with Microsoft account.

Stop Windows Insider Program

You may want to leave the Insider Program if you feel the current version of OS is quite stable and don’t want to take the risk with next build. People also stop Insider Program if they run into too many problems or don’t find it useful.

  1. Go to Setting from the Windows menu or find it from the search bar.
  2. Select Update & Security from the list and click on Windows Insider Program from the next page.
  3. Toggle the option to Opt-out from the program and restart the PC.

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