Windows Device Recovery Tool

Windows Device Recovery Tool, primarily known as Windows Phone Recovery Tool, or simply Windows Recovery Tool, is a freeware that is developed by Microsoft Inc. for Windows. This is an official tool that is specifically made available for the Nokia and Microsoft phones that are running the Windows Mobile Operating System.

If your phone got stuck and is not responding, you don’t have to worry, Windows Device Recovery Tool is an excellent solution that can get your phone working again with improved performance. You want to update your mobile firmware, downgrade to an older version of Windows or resolve a software-related issue? This tool will do it all for you!

Requirements to Use the Windows Device Recovery Tool

All you need for this software to work properly are: –

  1. A Nokia or Microsoft phone that is running Windows Mobile OS with at least 25% of charge.
  2. A PC or a laptop having Windows 7 or any newer version of Windows (32-bit and 64-bit). The latest version of this tool supports Windows 10. You can not download this software on a PC or laptop that does not have Windows running on it.
  3. A USB cable that will connect your phone to the PC.
  4. Free storage of at least 4 GB on the PC.
  5. And of course, an Internet connection!

Compatible Phones

Windows Device Recovery Tool is not compatible with every phone around. This tool was developed by Microsoft only for Nokia and Microsoft phones. It works perfectly fine on: –

  • Acer
  • HP devices
  • NEO
  • BLU
  • HTC (One M8 and 8X)
  • VAIO
  • LG
  • Yezz Phones
  • Lumia
  • UniStrong
  • Alcatel

All the aforementioned phones that have Windows 8 or newer versions of Windows OS are compatible with WDRT software. Besides, there is this software, known as Nokia Software Recovery Tool. It is for all the non-Lumia Nokia devices.

Necessary Precautions Before Using the Device Recovery Tool

Windows Device Recovery Tool is an amazing utility that lets you reset, recover or upgrade your phone’s OS. But before going through the recovery process, it must be kept in mind that using this tool will erase all the content from your device. It will restore the phone to its default factory settings. 

Therefore, before running this tool you must at least once try to restart or reset your phone to prevent data loss and see if it fixes the occurring issue. If this does not resolve the issue and using this tool is the ultimate solution, then make sure to create a backup of your important data.

How Do You Use Windows Device Recovery Tool?

Read out the following directions that explain the step-by-step procedure regarding the proper use of this tool.

1. As the first step, you need to download the Windows Device Recovery Tool on your PC or laptop that is running Windows OS. Make sure to download the latest version of the software. It’s completely free!

2. Next, install the downloaded software by following the on-screen prompts and launch the application.

3. After Launching the app, connect your Windows Phone to the PC or laptop via a compatible USB cable.  your device does not get detected, try reconnecting it with the PC. Once your phone is detected, begin the process by clicking on the Install Software command. In case you already have the latest version of Windows running on your phone, it will ask you to Reinstall Software. will start installing a firmware update on your device.  Make sure you have backed up your data before this step.

4. The WDRT will download and install this package on your phone. This is a critical process and your phone must not get disconnected in any case. After the installation is completed, a message stating Operation Completed Successfully will be displayed. You can finish the installation process by clicking on Finish command.

5. After this, your phone will restart and it may take longer than usual. Nothing to worry about, it’s normal!

6. Now your phone will boot with the default factory settings and the latest version of the firmware. It will fix all the bugs and enhance device performance as well. And now you can enjoy it!

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