All About UPPOON WiFi Extender Review

Range extenders are growing in popularity as they are an affordable option for boosting wireless signals across offices and large homes. 

The UPPOON WiFi range extender is an incredible device that serves the same purpose. The device is designed to transmit 360-degree WiFi signal coverage to eliminate spotty internet areas in your home. 

You can install the WiFi range repeater to enjoy high-speed internet for sending e-mail, streaming HD videos, or downloading heavy data files.

This post will highlight some key features of the UPPOON WiFi extender. It will also guide you through the setup process for your wireless extender. 

Essential Features of UPPOON WiFi Extender Signal Booster

The UPPOON WiFi extender can be an excellent investment to extend your wireless signal range. If you’re planning to buy this device, look at these prominent features that can help you decide. 

Reduce Signal Loss

Physical obstructions like furniture and walls can often waste your data transmission signals. Thus, your digital devices may have difficulty connecting to the internet. 

The UPPOON WiFi maximizing reduces signal loss as it is adept at spreading internet signals in all directions.

So, you can switch your wireless extender to a power outlet to boost speeds when you have a weak internet connection. 

2.4 5GHz Dual-Band Technology

UPPOON WiFi extenders feature a dual-band design for improving signal quality. Since the device can cover 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz dual bands simultaneously, the extender will connect you to the best available bandwidth.

Thus, you can enjoy using faster internet and better coverage. The wireless extender also has four smart antennas to ensure high internet quality. 

High-Speed WiFi

Your UPPOON range extender can effectively increase WiFi speeds. The device can easily transmit wireless signals at impressive speeds of 1200mbps even if you use it in a 5000 sq./ft. Area.

The WiFi extender can be handy for playing online games and streaming HD videos. 

Compatibility and Security

For people who want an affordable option to increase their wireless connection range, the UPPOON WiFi extender can be an ideal selection. That’s about the device features for the LAN port’s wired connection. Additionally, it can connect up to 40 Wi-Fi-enabled devices. 

The range extender features a 128-bit encryption technology that can offer you high security and a low risk of cyberattacks.

Technical Support

When using the UPPOON range extender, you can contact a dedicated technical support team whenever you encounter connectivity issues. 

If you find any technical or software issues, you can benefit from the 90 days return or replacement warranty.

Multiple Modes

The UPPOON extender can work in a different modes. For instance, the device can be a bridge for extending existing WiFi signals. It also works as an internet access point and range repeater.

How to Connect UPPOON WiFi Extender with WPS Method?

The WPS button method is a quick way to set up your range extender. It can easily allow your device to connect without requiring a WiFi password or login account. 

You can use this method only if your internet wireless router is compatible. You also need to enable the WPS connection method from the settings menu.

Before proceeding with this method, ensure that you have set up your extender’s antennae upwards to receive the best signal from your internet router.

Once done, you can follow these steps:

Plug your UPPOON wireless extender into a stable power source near your WiFi router. 

  1. Press the WPS button on your wireless router.
  2. Keep holding the button for around two seconds.
  3. Within 2 minutes, you should press the WPS button present for a second on your UPPOON extender.
  4. Once your devices are connected, you will see an LED light flashing on your extender.
  5. Check your mobile phone to see a new network name ending with EXT in nearly half a minute. You can identify this new name as your WiFi extender SSID.

You can now move your range extender away from the host router. Place the range repeater in a low WiFi coverage to boost the Internet signal.

If you fail to connect your range extender using the WPS method, you can set up your devices using a laptop or mobile.

How to Setup UPPOON WiFi Range Extender via Ethernet Port?

Your laptop or mobile phone can configure your UPPOON wireless extender. This method ensures your mobile device is already connected to the internet. 

Follow these instructions:

  1. Plug your range repeater into a power supply near your WiFi router.
  2. From your smartphone, navigate to Settings.
  3. Go to the WiFi menu.
  4. Scan available networks.
  5. Choose the WiFi booster SSID as displayed in the list.
  6. Alternatively, you can also use an ethernet port for connecting your Range Extender to your computer.
  7. Launch a preferred browser.
  8. Enter the extender default IP address in the search bar.
  9. Enter your WiFi network credentials with the correct default username and password. You can find this information in the user manual.
  10. Select Range Extender mode.
  11. Allow your repeater to scan wireless networks and list available WiFi names in the menu.
  12. Select your internet connection.
  13. Enter the relevant security key for WiFi.
  14. Set a new name and password for your UPPOON Wireless Range Extender.

Once you have completed the setup, you can unplug your UPPOON signal booster from the power outlet. Next, move the device to a suitable location where internet connectivity is weak.

How to Reset Your Wireless Network Extender?

You need to reset your wireless signal booster if you connect an older wireless extender to a different wireless internet router configured with other connections. This will restore your device to factory settings so you can easily connect the device to the WiFi router. 

For this purpose, you can follow these steps:

  1. Connect your UPPOON range repeater to a stable power source using the cable.
  2. Locate a tiny reset button or hole on your device.
  3. Or any sharp object like a pen or paper clip and press the reset button.
  4. Hold the button for around 15 seconds.
  5. When the status light starts flashing, you can release the button.
  6. Allow your range to be extended to reboot automatically.
  7. Once you can view your extended default name in the available networks list reboot process has been completed.

How to Know if You Need a Wireless Extender?

To understand whether or not you must install a WiFi extender signal booster, you can consider these factors:

Dead Spots

Dead WiFi spots in your home or office indicate zero or minimal internet coverage. You can identify areas where internet signals are lowest compared to other places on the property. 

This usually happens due to high signal interference by physical objects like thick brick walls. However, if you use a WiFi extender, the device can effectively transmit signals to such hard-to-reach spots. 

Outdoor WiFi Signals

When you move outside your home to spaces like the patio, deck, backyard, or balcony, you notice a sudden drop in WiFi coverage.

This is because Internet Service Providers usually impose bandwidth caps on wireless internet. Thus, you can not enjoy scrolling through social media outdoors. 

WiFi extenders can fix this problem as they can increase your signal range.

Better Coverage in Larger Homes

WiFi range extenders can increase your signal coverage in homes with several rooms on multiple floors. For instance, you can stream videos on the first floor while your WiFi router is downstairs. 

The devices are adept at sending signals in all directions, including downward and upwards. So no matter where you are, your WiFi repeater can seamlessly connect you to the internet.

Multiple Users

Sharing WiFi can be quite challenging if you have a big family or live with many roommates. That’s because an ordinary router can not support heavy wireless network traffic. However, installing a WiFi extender signal booster can put this problem to rest. 

How to Buy WiFi Range Extender?

Wireless extenders are affordable and convenient. You can purchase them from your ISP or visit the store for more buying options. You can also visit the UPPOON services page to check the best available products and tools.

However, before you purchase any WiFi extender, make sure to check the ratings. You should also buy the device at a suitable price to save money.

Final Thoughts

The UPPOON wireless range extender has several features with good reviews as it boosts your internet network. For instance, it has 4 LAN ports for a convenient Ethernet-wired connection.

The device also offers more buying options and powerful dual-band technology to keep you connected to the internet at all times. 

Setting up your WiFi is pretty simple and does not require you to be tech-savvy. You can use two different methods to complete the process. The WPS method is the simplest of them both. However, you can also use your laptop or smartphone as a backup alternative.

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