Sticky Notes for Windows 10

Sticky Notes for Windows 10
Sticky Notes for Windows 10
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Sticky notes is an application for desktop by Microsoft. The app is an in-built app in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It was also present in Windows Vista as a gadget in the desktop sidebar. Microsoft started Sticky Notes from Windows XP tablet edition 2002. As the survey conducted in April 2016, there were almost eighty million monthly users of Sticky notes. There were many gadgets which were added in Windows Vista. Sticky notes is one of those added gadgets. You can save any information or any data or information which you need for future propose. This was removed from the gadget’s list in Windows 7, but this was given as an in-built app and continued till date. It is one of the most underutilized apps in the PC. It is an app with very high utilities for users.

Along with Windows 10, Microsoft upgraded Sticky Notes. The new version of the app detects the pen input in handwritten form. It has Cortana access so that you can write any date or time and it gives a reminder to you. So it is a useful and underrated in-built app in Windows 10.

Using Sticky notes in Windows 10

  • To start Sticky notes in Windows 10, you should search ‘Sticky notes’ in the Start menu. You can access to sticky notes easily by, right-clicking it from list of results and selecting pin to taskbar. For future use, you can directly open it from your task. It is given as in-built app in Windows 10, but if you don’t find sticky notes in your pc, you can download it freely from Microsoft Store. If you are already using it and you need to open another one then, you should right-click on sticky notes taskbar and select ‘New note’.
  • After opening Sticky notes for the first time, you should connect it with your Microsoft account. This feature was added in the new version of Windows 10. After signing in to your Microsoft account, you can see the new window which is specially designed to make a list of your notes. After you make some notes, the app adds them to the list of notes. This will also be saved in your Microsoft account. If you have made some notes in one PC, then you sign in from another pc then, it will show the list of your made notes. This feature helps you to access your notes from anywhere from any pc which is available to you. But you should be sure that you know your Microsoft id and password.
  • You can create a new desktop and you can keep a lot of sticky notes to decorate your pc. You should be sure that your desktop should be clean enough. This process can be done when you create a duplicate desktop. You can create a duplicate desktop by following the process below.
  • You should press the Windows Key+Tab which will lead you to the Windows 10 task view.
  • After that, you can see an option like ‘new desktop’ at the top of the screen.
  • After you create this duplicate desktop, you can save all the notes in that duplicate desktop. Other’s will not be able to see this unless they open the task view screen by pressing windows key+Tab.

Processes for taking notes with Sticky notes

Sticky notes may be featureless but it is the app which makes your notes making easier and more convenient.

You can write anything like alphabets, numbers, and symbols from your keyboard. You can also use shortcut keys to write. Here are some basic shortcut keys.

  • Ctrl+B: You can write your letters, characters, and symbols in bold form using this shortcut key.
  • Ctrl+U: You can underline the selected text using this shortcut key.
  • Ctrl+I: You can make your text in Italics form using this shortcut key.
  • Ctrl+T: You can write strikethrough text by pressing this shortcut key.
  • Ctrl+Shift+L: You can generate bullet using this shortcut key.
  • Ctrl+Shift+>: You can increase the size of text using this shortcut key.
  • Ctrl+Shift+<: You can decrease the size of text using this shortcut key.
  • You can also see the options for numbering your text by pressing Ctrl+Shift+L for multiple times.
  • Ctrl+Shift+A: You can capitalize the selected text by using this combination of these keys.
  • Ctrl+R: You should press this combination of keys to make your text right-aligned.
  • Ctrl+E: If you need to make your text center-aligned, you should use this shortcut key.
  • Ctrl+1: If you need single line spacing, then you can use this shortcut key.
  • Ctrl+2: You should press this shortcut key when you need double line spacing.
  • Ctrl+5: This shortcut key gives line spacing of 1.5.

How to transfer Sticky Notes

If you have a new version of Windows 10, you can save your sticky notes by signing in to your Microsoft account. List of your notes will be saved to your Microsoft account. If you do not have a new version of Windows 10, you can follow the following process to copy your sticky notes document to another pc from one pc.

You should press Windows key+R to open the command prompt. Type the following and hit enter.


You should find the file named plum.sqlite and copy and paste it to your flash drive. Finally, keep that file to the same place of the second PC where you found that file from the first PC.
We hope that you got some information about Sticky notes and tricks to use it.

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