All You Need To Know About Remix USB Installer

Have you ever thought of bridging the gap between PC and Android OS? Do you want to run android apps on your desktop? Even though many love Android, they cannot utilize it on their PCs because the OS was not intended for that purpose.

Today we’ll get you the Remix OS installation on your Windows PC.

Note: There is a risk of losing data on your Windows PC, so prepare your USB Stick, USB Drive, and an external hard disk.

Why Should You Install Remix OS?

The vision of Android on Desktops is Remix OS. Built focusing on Android, it is a feature-rich, reliable, and current operating system for PCs. In addition, it provides your preferred mobile platform with all the benefits of desktop computers, like a toolbar, multi-window multitasking, and much more.

Almost anything you can do on an Android smartphone or tablet can be done on a PC using Remix OS. Additionally, you have access to more than 2 million applications from app stores. And we are here to help you install Remix OS.

Requirements for Remix USB installer tool (system requirements)

  1. USB Flash Drive with a minimum of 8GB for USB Installer.
  2. For Window frame installations, at least 32GB of disk space is required, and a system capable of multitasking.
  3. When a CD/DVD ROM reader is unavailable, at least 2 USB Flash Drive is required for single-boot installations.
  4. A specific HDD for the single-boot installation of Remix OS.
  5. Use Hiren’s Boot CD or any other partitioning software you like.

First step: making a boot stick

You need to make a bootable stick first. Then, whether it’s a USB Installer or the Setup Tool, Remix OS can complete the task.

Making a boot stick with the setup tool

The default tool for making a bootable device with Remix OS is the Install Tool included with the operating system. Make sure to have free space to produce a bootable flash drive / usb drive; adhere to the steps listed below:

  1. Run the executable file after extracting the Remix OS archive from the ZIP file you must have downloaded on your computer.
  2. From the downloaded folder, launch the Remix OS for PC Installation Tool.
  3. Select the Remix OS ISO file by clicking Browse and selecting the downloaded folder.
  4. Click OK after selecting the Type and Drive for your portable drive.

Be careful while choosing the drive; otherwise, you risk losing all the data on that disc.

  1. Click OK after selecting the system size (for resident mode) to save programs and data.
  2. The utility will now add the bootloader to your portable drive and transfer files.

Use the Universal USB Installer to make a boot stick.

Luckily, a portable USB Installer functions with Remix OS and several Linux distributions. If the instructions above to build a bootable DVD using Remix OS’s Installer didn’t work for you, and if your windows aren’t causing the error, then follow the instructions below to install it on your desktop:

  1. Click ‘I Agree‘, after opening the downloaded Unified USB Installer.
  2. In the Step 1 dropdown menu, select Try Unlisted Linux ISO.
  3. Select the ISO file for Remix OS by clicking the Browse option (from the steps that are mentioned above).
  4. Choose your external drive from the Step 3 dropdown menu now.
  5. Select Display All Drives to view all the storage drives if your transportable disc is hidden.
  1. When you click Create, the data gets copied to your portable disc.

Installing Remix OS in Step 2

Next, one can launch Remix OS straight from your computer’s hard drive or install it on a portable device.

Installing Remix OS on a flash drive for portability

Remix OS can be securely installed on a portable flash disc to prevent any possible data loss on your computer. This approach helps test Remix OS on your computer before adopting it as your primary operating system in place of Windows.

Note: You can bypass this step and continue with the Setup after starting Remix OS for the first time if you have already made the boot disc eligible for the Installation Tool (scroll down).

Simply refer to the directions listed below to install Remix OS on a flash drive:

  1. Use the boot disc you prepared above to start your computer. For this, you will need to access the boot menu. You can do so by pressing the Esc key while restarting your PC. Here, select the Remix OS.
  2. On the initial screen, select the Resident option.
  1. After selecting Resident mode, it will request that you establish a data partition, and you have to grant that request to save applications.
  2. It will then do a writing speed test to see if your portable disc is quick enough for this instruction; if not, please use a faster device.
  1. The data division will then be created and formatted on your external hard drive.
  2. After starting Remix OS, it will begin booting the computer; please proceed with Setup (mentioned below).

For Remix os installation, the approach (hard disk installation)

If you wish to install Remix OS as the only OS on your device, follow the steps listed below.

Don’t proceed if you don’t want to risk missing your data because doing so will replace Windows on your computer and clean the entire contents of your hard drive.

You should use a transportable flash disc to test Remix OS on your PC before installing it (as demonstrated above). Then, if it functions with your hardware and you decide it’s good enough to serve as your primary OS, you can run it on your machine.

If you are willing to remove all records and you are aware of the implications, follow the instructions below:

  1. Use the boot disc you made above to start the computer.
  2. Press E after selecting Resident mode on the starting screen.
  3. Remove “USB PARTITION=1” or “USB DATA PARTITION=1” from the command line visible and replace them with “INSTALL=2“.
  4. When finished, press F10 to launch the installation wizard.

3. Install Remix OS (From the beginning)

Remix OS requires a similar setup as a new Android smartphone because it is built on top of Android. The arrangement is straightforward and understated, as shown below:

  1. Once the computer boots up, choose your language and region at the starting screen.
  2. Then, affirm that you comply with its terms of service on the user agreement (click Agree).
  1. Authorize your network now using the list of Wi-Fi networks displayed.
  2. Then it requests that Google Play and its services be activated. Check the box that affirms you agree with the Google Play services policy and then click ‘Next’ to continue with the procedure. From here, you can activate google play services.
  3. The desktop screen of your own Remix OS, often the home screen, is right in front of your eyes.


Using Android on a PC is a captivating experience thanks to Remix OS, which is unquestionably an invention. Multitasking with various apps in a multi-window system is a robust alternative to Windows.

Remix OS for PC, however, may not be for everyone because while Android has a sizable selection of programs, it falls extremely short of Windows’ selection. Yes, it’s the ideal daily OS for you if you want to give your old pc a new lease on life.

As you now have the official guide to installing remix os on your system, you must use a secure boot while running the Remix OS installation tool.

The OS installation is fairly straightforward, and keeping a bootable USB stick with free storage will help you execute the Remix OS files better.

The Remix OS installation tool has received some user appreciation over the years. Downloading remixes os is easy; it makes you eligible to discover a different computing perspective.

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