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"If the Swiss Army developed a tool for diagnosing and treating common PC maladies, we think it would look a lot like PC Diag ". While you'll still need a decent trauma kit and replacement parts to get a seriously ill PC up and running, PC Diag can shave hours of time that might otherwise be spent tediously examining every component in search of the culprit.  -


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     Professional Motherboard Test Cards for Desktop & Laptop Repair / PC POST Diagnostic Test Cards

                  Used by (PC Support and Repair Technicians to perform Computer Motherboard Hardware Troubleshooting).

  Motherboard test cards are the perfect low-cost solution to high-priced troubleshooting. They show self-test codes and the description of the problem

plus the power supply status when power is switched  on. Now you can SEE what's wrong with a system that won't boot, even if the screen is blank!

Just plug the card into an available slot, switch on power, and watch the digital display or LCD display.  If a failure is detected by the system self-test,

it will halt and you will instantly see why the system did not boot.


PC Desktop PCI slot & LapTop Mini-PCI & MiniPCI-Express and LPC Interface Motherboard Test Card Combo

with Dual LCD Displays and Remote Cables



  • Two LCD displays.
  • Troubleshoot your dead motherboard
  • External display to easily view POST codes on LCD display
  • PC Diag LCD card includes three parts: PC debug card, laptop debug card and extension LCD screen
  • Desktop PC debug card supports PCI interface
  • Laptop debug card supports mini PCI, mini PCI-E and LPC interfaces
  • Extension LCD screen make diagnostic code easy to watch


  • LCD displays shows the diagnostic result of the motherboard. This is especially helpful when your attempting to pinpoint where the problem is when you power on the computer and find no display or the machine hangs. PCI bus reset and CLK signal working indicator. (When indicator LED is on to indicate its respective signal is fine.)
  • Compatible with Phoenix, Award and AMI Bios motherboards which has the PCI bus slot ,mini pci,mini pci-e or LPC port .
  • Intelligent analysis of the corresponding BIOS code which is the cause of the malfunction, and displays the diagnostic program!
  • It can diagnosis signal which show the problems associated with the CPU, Memory, display card and so on.
  • LED displays shows the diagnostic result of the motherboard. This is especially helpful when your attempting to pinpoint where the problem is when you power on the computer and find no display or the machine hangs. diagnosis result of motherboard. This is used to display the Error-code and RST/CLK signals.
  • The Display portion is composed with two 7-segment LEDs. The two "Dots" of the LEDs are used to indicate the notebook "RST" and "CLK" status. The left side "Dot" is for "RST", and the right side "Dot" is for "CLK". When the notebook is in "Reset" status, the left side Dot" will be lighted. And when the notebook has a correct CLK output, the right side "Dot" will be lighted.
    Specification for KEYs and LED lights:

Package Content

  • 1* Desktop debug test card
  • 1* Laptop debug test card
  • 1* Extension LCD screen
  • 1* Cable connecting Desktop debug test card to extension LCD screen
  • 1* Cable connecting laptop debug card to Desktop debug card and extension LCD screen

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PC Diag SRP: $89.95    Sale Price $49.95 

Laptop & Notebook MiniPCI and MINIPCI-Express

Laptop Motherboard mini PCI Express Test Card only requires an empty mini-PCI or mini-PCI-E expansion slot.

It is not necessary to install memory chips to perform an analysis."POST Codes" are displayed through the hexadecimal display panel on the PC Diagnostic Card itself.

This product troubleshoots laptop style motherboards through the Mini Card PCI-E (1/2 slot) or Mini PCI (full slot).

EVOLUTION - Dual Mini Card PCI Express and Mini PCI Slot

In laptop machines, the Mini Card PCI Express (PCI-E) replaces the Mini PCI card standard slot design, which is a small internal card functionally

identical to standard desktop computer PCI cards. Mini Card PCI-E and Mini PCI cards are used mainly to add communications functions to portable

laptop computers that are built- or customized-to-order. The Mini Card PCI Express is half the size of the Mini PCI cards. This allows system designers

to include one or two cards, depending on the size constraints of a particular portable computer. Our Diagnostic Card has BOTH SLOT TYPES to allow for this technology transition.

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MSRP Price: $59.95   Sale Price $29.95