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"If the Swiss Army developed a tool for diagnosing and treating common PC maladies, we think it would look a lot like PC Diag ". While you'll still need a decent trauma kit and replacement parts to get a seriously ill PC up and running, PC Diag can shave hours of time that might otherwise be spent tediously examining every component in search of the culprit.  -


                             PC HOBBYIST HARDWARE DIAGNOSTIC

          PC-Diag Novice DOS/Low Level & Windows Suite Computer Hardware Troubleshooting  Software:

            Intended for (Power Users, Novice Users and PC Hobbyist)


                                        Professional Quality Novice User PC Diagnostics for Repair and Maintenance

  NOTE: PC Diag Novice Suite includes our Windows Lite version and our DOS self-booting Lite version.

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  • Includes one years worth of FREE updates on all versions of PC-Diag software.

PC Diagnostic Test Software Novice:

Award Winning, fully automated, and instructional Windows & Low Level computer diagnostic software. PC-Diag Novice is used by PC hobbyist to diagnose computer hardware problems in a Windows environment or at Low-Level. Our PC Diagnostics Novice version is a comprehensive professional quality PC repair diagnostic software. Our Novice version was developed and engineered specifically for its ease of use. Complete Computer Diagnostics for Power Users, Junior Technicians and Student Technicians.

PC-Diag's Novice rigorous testing features will allow the user to immediately identify, single out, and troubleshoot hardware faulty areas. PC-Diagnostics Novice will provide its user with a comprehensive report containing the computer's configuration, all the tests that were performed, and any problems that were found.

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NOTE: PC Diag Novice Suite includes our Windows Lite version and our DOS self-booting Lite version

System Requirements, Platforms & Licensing

PC-Diag Windows is compatible with the following operating systems Windows 2000,  2000 Pro, XP,  Windows 2003, Vista , Windows 7 and Windows 2008.. It is recommended to have at least 20MB free space on your hard drive and 64MB of memory.

In DOS / Low-Level mode it runs on all standard PC-type systems regardless of hardware configuration, from the oldest systems based on processors like Intel 386/486 to the latest ones. No matter what operating system is installed on your PC (Windows, Linux, DOS), simply boot up and run complex tests on your hardware.


A PC-Diag single user license can be utilized to troubleshoot multiple computer systems for suspected hardware failure. Our software does not necessarily reside on the hard drive of any one system as does most software that will not allow you to move the license or run it on additional PC's. This means each single user license can be moved from one system to another, test one PC or multiple PC's there is no limit as long as it is done one PC at a time per authorized license.

Easy To Use and Instructional - PC-Diag operates intuitively from user-friendly menus, context-sensitive help, and mouse or keyboard control.

Features and Benefits in DOS Mode

  •  Basic Configuration Report
  •  Rugged System Diagnostic Tests
  •  Exacting System Benchmark Tests
  •  Basic Utilities
  •  Robust Context-Sensitive Help
  •  Easy to Use Menu System
  • Self-Boot DOS
  • Basic Configuration Information Screen shows you major hardware components are installed, and allows you to edit, save, and restore CMOS RAM so you can recover from CMOS virus easily.
  • Test all major standard IBM-compatible PC/AT components: CPU (including multiple CPUs),, Memory, Disk Drives, CD ROM Drives, Sound, Video, Serial/Parallel/USB Ports, Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick. Tests are grouped by device. You may run them in multiple passes or for specific time periods and log summary or full results to printer or file.
  • Basic Benchmark Tests of CPU, Math, Video, Hard Drive, CD ROM run as a group in continuous loops to show you how the system is performing, and allow you to detect performance bottlenecks in the system.
  • Comprehensive Context-Sensitive Help, Coaches, Repair Tips, and manual built-in to help you find what you need to know when you need it by pressing one or two keys. Keeps you oriented without hunting for a printed manual.
  • Provides solid reliability and consistency for home or student technicians.
  • Proven diagnostics give you confidence your system hardware is functioning properly.
  •  Saves Time & Money
  • User Interface
    • Menu-driven – hot keys, cursor keys, or mouse clicks select items, ESC key goes to previous item
    • User-configurable screen colors
    • Context-sensitive help system
    • Setup program allows user to make backup copies
    • Scans its own files for viruses to give user peace of mind
  • Configuration
    • Supports ISA, EISA, MCA, PCMCIA, PCI, AGP buses
    • Shows basic hardware configuration screen of installed devices
    • Saves and restores entire CMOS RAM contents
    • Edits common CMOS RAM area
    • Detects Pentium Floating Divide and other design flaws
  • Diagnostics
    • Contains dozens of menu items that run thousands of tests
    • Tests all IBM-PC/AT standard components
    • Tests are organized in groups:
      • System (motherboard and single/multiple CPUs)
      • Memory (main, cache, video)
      • Video (display adapter and monitor)
      • Fixed Disk (including non-destructive write tests)
      • Floppy Disk
      • Compact Disk (CD)
      • USB Ports
      • Serial Controllers (including Modem)
      • Parallel Controllers (including Printers)
      • Keyboard
      • Mouse
      • Joystick
      • Sound Card and Speaker (Sound Blaster Compatible)
      • USB (Universal Serial Bus) Port Circuitry
    • Allows user to select which tests to run within a group
    • Once set up and initiated, tests run unattended.
    • All tests run in sequence for number of passes, amount of time per test, or amount of time for entire group of tests.
    • Allows many user-configurable Test Settings items such as
      • Which devices to test
      • Range of memory to test
      • Serial Port Baud Rates to use
      • Where to log results and what to put in log
      • Whether to exit from the program after finishing tests
      • Amount of time (up to 99:99:99 hours) or number of passes to run tests
      • Plus much more.
  • Benchmarks
    • Shows performance or raw speed.
    • Tests CPU, math, video, hard drive disk, CD
    • Runs through all tests in continuous passes
  • Results Log
    • Logs results to disk , printer or USB flash drive
    • Allows user to print or save to file the contents of any screen.
    • Logs detailed test results or just a test summary to printer or file
  • File Utility
    • Allows you to edit configuration files (CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT, etc.)
  • Context-sensitive Help System
    • Press F1 at any time to get help that tells what the currently selected item does
    • Alt-F1 at any time to get a coach that tells how to use the currently selected item
    • Ctrl-F1 on any test item to display a tip that explains how to repair an associated failure.
    • F1 when one of the above is displayed causes the index or help, coaches, or tips to be displayed.
    • User may search forward and backward for any text in the help system.
    • Includes over 500 printed pages of information.
    • User may print displayed help information.
    • Complete manual built in.

Features and Benefits in Windows Mode

  • Comprehensive report about your computers components, and operating system. Now you can determine whether or not your PC is performing the way it should be.
  • Compare how well your PC is performing based on similar machines.
  • Basic Configuration Report
  • Rugged System Diagnostic Tests
  • Display and record the possibilities of negative effects during configuration changes and hardware upgrades.
  • Save time and money on costly repairs by checking your PC's hardware yourself.
  • Accurate and detailed test logs information.
  • View test results right on your screen, print or save test results to a USB flash drive.
  • When computer hardware repair technicians are required, detailed logs of all test results can immediately be provided.
  • Robust Context-Sensitive Help
  • Easy to Use Menu System

Additional Test Features & Advanced Testing  in Windows Mode

  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Hard Drives
  • CD/DVD drives
  • Floppy Drives
  • Monitor
  • Video Card
  • Network Card
  • Modem
  • Sound cards
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • USB
  • Serial Ports (serial loop back plug required)           


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      PC Diag Suggeted Retail Price: $119.00     Sale Price: $59.95

Why you should buy PC-Daig Novice – We have many gratified and prestigious customers who rely our day in and day out to help them test and troubleshoot computer problems. Because the Novice/Power User version contains the many of same diagnostic tests as the Pro and Burn-In versions, it is an excellent choice for PC manufacturers to bundle with their systems. That way, their customers can use the same test software the factory uses, and that greatly eases the warranty and technical support burden. The Power User version is also a perfect diagnostic product to include with technician training courses and classroom instruction because it allows students to matriculate with a highly functional tool with which to pursue gainful work as a PC technician.