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              Computer Desktop Motherboard Diagnostic Card & Desktop, Laptop Combo

                                           Used by (PC Support and Repair Technicians to perform Computer Motherboard Hardware Troubleshooting).




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FlipPOST (PCI & ISA Bus Motherboard Test Card description):  THIS TEST CARD HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED.

PCI/ISA FlipPost motherboard test card is the perfect low-cost solution to high-priced troubleshooting. PCI/ISA FlipPost lets you cut service costs to the bone. It shows self-test codes and power supply status when power is switched on. Now you can SEE what's wrong with a system that won't boot, even if the screen is blank! Just plug the card in an ISA or PCI slot, switch on power, and watch the digital display. The digits are displayed on both sides of the Card. If a failure is detected by the system self-test, it will halt, and the failing test number will be on the FlipPOST display. Just look the code up in the manual, and you will instantly see why the system did not boot.

Special Features

  • Flip POST Card is compatible with ISA/EISA Bus and PCI Bus Slots.
  • Instantly Shows why System Won't Boot
  • Troubleshoot your dead motherboard.
  • Digits display on Both Sides
  • Small hexadecimal digital LED display shows BIOS Power-On Self Test (POST) codes when system is first turned on. All segments light during Reset.
  • Digits display on BOTH sides of the card.
  • LED's readable from either side of the card
  • Edge connector fits in XT, AT, EISA, PS/2 Model 25 & 30, Compaq, ISA, PCI clones.
  • Computer to monitor POST codes in.
  • Trap Reset switch (1) puts Reset detector in trap or continuous mode.
  • LEDs show power supply voltages, Reset, Oscillator, BIOS, Clock and, Run Status
  • Remembers previous codes in memory which can be recalled using the forward or backward buttons.
  • OEM documentation is tailored for the specific BIOS and can include troubleshooting tips and any BIOS POST codes.
  • Includes Remote Digital Display cable
  • Extra features like freq, voltage checks
  • Includes external speaker cable for beep codes

How To Use

Use this card to troubleshoot your motherboard problems. Sometimes your computer will not boot. Use this diagnostic card to see the POST (power on self test) codes that the BIOS commands the motherboard to perform. Each motherboard has a BIOS chip which is a device that initializes all hardware components on the motherboard such as CPU, memory, video card, etc. During the boot up sequence, your BIOS will also generate what is called POST80 code. Each code can be referenced in a manual supplied to help determine the problem with the motherboard. If your code is NOT LISTED in our manual, chances are you have a newer motherboard.

Visit the manufacture of your BIOS and download the manual of your BIOS direct. In most cases, where the last post code is displayed on the POST card is generally the problem area. For example: If you have an Award Bios on your motherboard, and you install this card. Turn on the power to your computer. Your computer stops booting, but the POST card shows a code of “01″. This could mean you have a faulty CPU on your motherboard because the BIOS told the CPU to start, but the CPU did not respond. If a piece of hardware does not respond during a boot sequence, then the motherboard will not finish POSTing.

Easy to Configure and Use

There are NO jumpers or switches to set. Just plug the card into any ISA - OR - PCI slot and switch on power. Then watch the LEDs and digital display for failure symptoms. At power-on the system BIOS (Basic Input Output) performs a self-test of the system components. For each test the BIOS sends a test (POST) code to the digital display on the PCI POST card. If the test fails the display halts, showing the failing test number. Then just look up the code in the accompanying documentation to pinpoint the problem. Often you can fix it within minutes.

FlipPOST Cuts Service Cost

When your technicians use PCI/ISA FlipPOST to debug dead PCs, they need only ONE POST card to do the work of TWO! Instead of buying separate cards for ISA and PCI slots, you can use PCI/ISA FlipPOST to troubleshoot either type of system. That saves you money on test tools, and it saves your technicians from having to look for the right card. Furthermore, your tech's NEED the card to reduce their PC repair time. Time spent swapping components to isolate a fault is wasted time YOU pay for and money you will never get back. Our customers have regularly stated that these cards pay for themselves over and over and over. Every professional technician should have his own.

FlipPOST allows you to identify computer problems even when the monitor, keyboard, or disk drives are not working. It can help you diagnose up to 256 different system failures by displaying the codes generated by built in software in a PC.

The FlipPOST documentation has a complete description of POST codes for ALL major BIOS manufactures. Whenever you are installing or troubleshooting PCs and Networks or add-in PC adapters, some of the common and frustrating problems you face are PCI P-n-P signals.

FlipPOST is the only active hardware tool in its class to provide you with a true solution to ISA and PCI signal problems. The reason this is important is that bus transactions can be locked up by faulty adapter cards that do not handshake signals properly. FlipPOST monitors the major transaction signals so you will know if a handshake did not occur properly.

If you are a service professional, you need FlipPOST, so order it now. If you are a computer hobbyist, FlipPOST can easily save you the value of its cost in one service call by a professional who has one. That means it pays for itself fast, AND you can use FlipPOST to help your friends, or start your own home business troubleshooting computers.

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