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"If the Swiss Army developed a tool for diagnosing and treating common PC maladies, we think it would look a lot like PC Diag ". While you'll still need a decent trauma kit and replacement parts to get a seriously ill PC up and running, PC Diag can shave hours of time that might otherwise be spent tediously examining every component in search of the culprit. 


Master IT Kit for troubleshooting PC Hardware & Data Recovery on Desktop & Mobile PC's

    Intended for (Data Recovery, PC Maintenance, Computer Hardware Troubleshooting and PC Remote Support on Desktop and Mobile Platforms).





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This Tool kit includes a BONUS (5) multi-user license. What does this mean?

  • When you order our Professional Tool Kit you will receive a PC-Diag Pro Suite ISO to build CD's and a Zip file to build PC Diag USB Drives
  • Use the PC-Diag ISO to build up to (5 CD's of all software below plus backups) of both the DOS and Windows Programs
  • Use the Zip file to build up to (5 USB Drives of all software below plus backups) of both the DOS and Windows programs
  • Your  DOS, Windows CD's and USB Drives can be used by up to (5) individual technicians at the same time to test as many PC's as they wish to test 100 or 1000 there is no limit!
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Compare Windows Hardware Testing Versions                                 Compare DOS Hardware Testing Versions

Your Physical Shipment will Include all the following below besides the download ISO and ZIP file we email you:

  • One Professional Carry Case
  • One USB Flash Drive
  • One Desktop PCI Slot Motherboard Test Card. Includes remote LCD Display & Cable SEE what's wrong with a system that won't boot, even if the screen is blank!
  • One Power Supply Tester test power supply with dummy load and verifies outputs with LED status.
  • There is plenty of room in the case to put the CD's and your USB drives that you build.



  • PC-Diag Professional DOS for Low-Level testing with utilities and tools included.
  • PC-Diag Burn-In DOS bypass the operating system and run hardware diagnostics in continuous loops to show you how the system is performing to allow you to detect performance bottlenecks in the system.
  • PC-Diag DOS USB Test rigorously test, troubleshoot and diagnose all USB devices, ports and hubs
  • PC-Diag Windows Professional for standalone testing of all the hardware.
  • PC-Diag Windows Burn-In run hardware diagnostics in a Windows environment in continuous loops to show you how the system is performing and allow you to detect performance bottlenecks in the system once Windows is loaded.
  • PC-Diag Windows Remote lets you run the same complex hardware tests on your customers, over the LAN , WAN or Internet
  • PC-Diag NIC Test detect and perform a network diagnostic on the cards installed in your computer.
  • PC Diag Media Tools Boot Disk DOS & Windows PE Suite Data Recovery and Cloning Software Download
  • PC-Diag WinPE bootdisk : We do not provide the Win-PE version, but we do give you detailed instructions how to simply make one from our PC-Diag Windows version & (WIN-PE Free Microsoft Download License or OEM License)
  • All PC Diag software orders include one years worth of FREE updates!


Data Recovery & Computer Diagnostic Software (Master PC Diagnostics IT Tool Kit)

Award Winning  Data Recovery & Computer Diagnostic Software Master PC Diagnostics IT Kit and tools, used  to diagnose problems on  a PC running in Windows or  a DOS environment. Our Professional  PC Hardware Diagnostic Software allows its user to maintain quality service and support during the four phases of a PC's lifecycle.

The Professional version of our Computer Diagnostic Software has the added ability  to perform hundreds of extensive test routines which can better assist in detecting problematic PC hardware failures.  By including our diagnostics in your tool-kit,  the professional technician can be assured that  both valuable  time and  money will be saved.

The features of the  Professional version include a detailed reporting of the computer's components and operating system. In addition, extensive information about the computer's processor, memory, hard drives, CD/DVD drives, floppy drives, monitor, video card, network card, modem, sound cards, keyboard, mouse, serial ports, USB, PCI, system board devices, and more.

Additional features for our PC Diag Professional Computer Diagnostic Software include the ability to select and execute extensive tests for your processor, memory, hard drives, CD/DVD drives, floppy drive, monitor, video card, network card, modem, sound cards, keyboard, mouse, serial port, and USB. Our Professional Computer Diagnostics has the added ability to run a set of tests individually or all at once, and then create a report from the results. This report could be saved for future reference, printed or e-mailed  to a help desk operation or other technicians for further analysis.

 Data Recovery & Computer Diagnostic Software Master IT Kit A Closer Look

  • System Requirements & Platforms (Windows & DOS Mode)
  • Features and Benefits (Windows Mode)
  • Features and Benefits (DOS Mode)
  • Additional Test Features (Windows Mode)
  • Additional Test features (DOS Mode)
  • Advanced Testing (Windows Mode)
  • Advanced Testing (DOS Mode)
  • NIC Testing ( Windows)
  • USB Test ( DOS)
  • Remote Testing (Windows)
  • LCD PCI Bus Motherboard Test Card with Remote Cable)
  • LapTop ( LCD Mini PCI, Mini PCI-Express & LPC Slot Motherboard Test Card)
  • Power Supply Tester
  • PC Diag Media Tools Boot Disk DOS & Windows Suite (Cloning, Imaging, Data Recovery & Forensic Software)

System Requirements, Platforms & Licensing

PC-Diag Windows: This version is compatible with the following operating systems Windows 2000,  2000 Pro, XP,  Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2008. It is recommended to have at least 20MB free space on your hard drive and 64MB of memory.

PC Diag DOS self-booting hardware diagnostics software: In DOS mode it runs on all standard PC-type systems running in 640K on IBM-standard PC, XT, AT, PS/2, EISA, PCI, VLB, 386, 486, Pentium, Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium IV, AMD K5/K6/K7/Athlon, Cyrix 5x86/6x86/MediaGX, Winchip, and clones under DOS 3.0+, including Windows 3.1, 95, 98, and ME. Self-boots and runs on systems that have UNIX, LINUX, OS/2, Windows NT/2000/XP loaded (but does not run under those operating systems.

No matter what operating system is installed on your PC (Windows, Linux, DOS), simply boot up from our specially configured floppy drive's, CDROMS or USB drives, and run complex tests on your hardware.

PC Diag WinPE: WinPE bootdisk build one using PCDiag's WinPE easy build Instructions REQUIRES: (WIN-PE Free Microsoft Download License or OEM License)

Windows Pre installation Environment (aka Windows PE, WinPE) is a lightweight version of Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7,

or Windows Server 2008 R2 that is used for the deployment of workstations and servers. It is intended as a 32-bit or 64-bit replacement for MS-DOS during

the installation phase of Windows, and can be booted independently of the operating system.


A PC-Diag single user license can be utilized to troubleshoot multiple computer systems for suspected hardware failure. Our software does not necessarily reside on the hard drive of any one system as does most software that will not allow you to move the license or run it on additional PC's. A PC-Diag license can be moved from one system to another, test one PC or multiple PC's there is no limit as long as it is done one PC at a time per authorized license. EXCEPTION: Enterprise licenses fall under different guidelines.

Features and Benefits in Windows Mode    

  • Comprehensive report about your computer components, and operating system so you can determine whether or not your PC is performing the way it should be. ( Compare how well your PC is performing based on similar machines).
  • The Windows version will allow its user to completely test video, sound, net card and other devices that require Windows drivers.  
  • Display and record the possibilities of negative effects during configuration changes and hardware upgrades.
  • Save time and money on costly repairs by checking your PC's hardware yourself and then calling a professional only if you need one.
  • Accurate and Detailed test logs information.
  • When support technicians are required, detailed logs of all test results can immediately be provided cutting down or completely eliminating costly product returns, wasted time and money.
  • PC Diagnostic customization available.
  • PC Diagnostics can be installed on the users hard drive or ordered on CD-ROM, USB Drive or other OEM formats are available upon request.
  • Rugged System Diagnostic Test
  • Basic Configuration Report
  • Robust Context-Sensitive Help
  • Easy to Use Menu System
  • Saves Time & Money

Additional Test Features & Advanced Testing  in Windows Mode   

  • Processor ( Manual or Automated Testing 100,000 Repetitions)
  • Memory ( Manual or Automated Testing)
  • Hard Drives ( Manual or Automated Testing)
  • CD/DVD drives ( Manual or Automated Testing)
  • Floppy Drives ( Manual or Automated Testing)
  • Monitor
  • Dual Core, Quad Core
  • Video Card
  • Network Card
  • Modem
  • Sound cards
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • USB
  • PCI
  • System Board Devices
  • Cleanup Tools
  • Serial Ports
  • Parallel Ports     

Features and Benefits in DOS Mode    

  • Comprehensive Configuration Report
  •   Rugged System Diagnostic Tests
  •   Exacting System Benchmark Tests
  •   Powerful Utilities
  •   Robust Context-Sensitive Help
  •   64 Bit Support
  •   Performance Guarantee
  •   Easy to Use Menu System
  •   Self-Boot & DOS
  •   Saves Time & Money

Additional Test Features DOS Mode

  1. Complete Computer Diagnostics (single-test and batch mode)
  2. Full Documents System Configuration with user-customizable Snapshot Report. Includes details on Shows IRQ, DMA, PNP, PCI, PCMCIA, SMBIOS, and I/O devices such as network, sound, SCSI, Disk Drives. Even includes editable databases of CPU, PCI, and PNP devices. Excellent for Repair Records, Conflict Resolution, Inventory Control, Loss Prevention, Warranty Validation. Fabulous for proving what is inside the system without having to remove the cover.
  3. Test all major standard IBM-compatible PC/AT components: CPU (including multiple CPUs), Motherboard, Memory, Disk Drives, CD ROM Drives, Sound, Video, Serial/Parallel/USB Ports, Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick. Tests grouped by device. You may run them in multiple passes or for specific time periods and log summary or full results to printer or file. Excellent for field engineers, bench technicians, and factory burn-in testing. Proven diagnostics give you confidence your system is functioning properly.
  4. Advanced Benchmark Tests of CPU, Math, Video, Hard Drive, CD ROM, and Memory, individually selectable and run in continuous loops to show you how the system is performing, and allow you to detect performance bottlenecks in the system.
  5. Utilities provide powerful features: Refresh, Recondition, Security Erase & Low Level Format Computer Hard Drives; exercise serial terminals; create data structure templates for viewing memory or disk contents in context.
  6. Comprehensive Context-Sensitive Help, Coaches, Repair Tips, POST Codes, and manual built-in to help you find what you need to know when you need it by pressing one or two keys. Keeps you oriented, effective without searching for a manual.
  7. Provides solid reliability to professional technicians, system builders, student technicians, PC maintenance training instructors, power users, and novices.
  8. Free lifetime support included.

   Advanced Testing DOS Mode

Easy To Use and Instructional! - Our  computer diagnostic software operates intuitively from user-friendly menus, context-sensitive help, and mouse or keyboard control.  The Professional PC Diagnostics Software provides the following major operations:

  • User Interface
    • Menu-driven - hot keys, cursor keys, or mouse clicks select items, ESC key goes to previous item
    • User-configurable screen colors
    • Context-sensitive help system
    • Setup program allows user to make backup copies
    • Scans its own files for viruses to give user peace of mind
  • Configuration
    • Supports ISA, EISA, MCA, PCMCIA, PCI, AGP buses
    • Shows hardware configuration screen of installed devices
    • Displays physical and logical FAT-formatted drive information
    • Displays hard drive manufacturer, model, serial #
    • Displays configuration "Snapshot" report, also from command line
    • Allows user to customize report header, footer, contents
    • Identifies whether system needs to be upgraded
    • Saves and restores entire CMOS RAM contents
    • Saves and restores Master Boot Record (MBR)
    • Saves and restores Logical Drive Boot Records (LBR)
    • Displays Hard Drive contents by Head, Cylinder, Sector, or LBA Sector
    • Displays standard IRQ/DMA usage
    • Allows user to edit databases for CPU, PCI, and Plug-n-Play
    • Displays SCSI and ATAPI devices installed
    • Displays SMBIOS report, including CPU & memory type & speed
    • Edits common CMOS RAM area
    • Detects Pentium Floating Divide and other design flaw
  • Contains dozens of menu items that run thousands of tests
  • Tests all IBM-PC/AT standard components
  • Tests are organized in groups:
    • System (motherboard and single/multiple CPUs)
    • Memory (main, cache, video)
    • Video (display adapter and monitor)
    • Fixed Disk (including non-destructive write tests)
    • Floppy Disk
    • Compact Disk (CD)
    • Serial Controllers (including Modem)
    • Parallel Controllers (including Printers)
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
    • Joystick
    • Sound Card and Speaker (Sound Blaster Compatible)
    • Year 2000 and Real Time Clock Synchronicity
    • USB (Universal Serial Bus) Port Circuitry
  • Allows user to select which tests to run within a group
  • Runs selected tests individually within group or in burn-in batch mode
  • Once set up and initiated, tests run unattended, and can even return to DOS when finished.
  • Allows user to save batch test settings in file and specify which batch file to use from command line.
  • All tests run in sequence for number of passes, amount of time per test, or amount of time for entire batch or group of tests.
  • Allows many user-configurable Test Settings items such as
    • Which devices to test
    • Range of memory to test
    • Serial Port Baud Rates to use
    • Where to log results and what to put in log
    • Whether to exit from the program after finishing tests
    • Amount of time (up to 99:99:99 hours) or number of passes to run tests
    • Plus much more.
  • If tests fail the error will be displayed on monitor, allowing factory technicians to be alerted to failures from across the room.
  • Benchmarks
    • Shows performance or raw speed.
    • Tests CPU, math, video, hard drive disk, CD, Memory
    • Runs through all tests in continuous passes
  • Results Log
    • Logs results to disk or printer
    • Allows user to print or save to file the contents of any screen.
    • Logs detailed test results or just a test summary to printer or file
  • Utilities
    • Finds and deletes files
    • Edits configuration files (CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT, etc.)
    • Terminal test exercises attached modems and other serial devices
    • Checks file system integrity (FAT structures only)
    • Scans hard drive for allocation errors
    • Refurbishes magnetic surface on hard drives
    • Refreshes magnetic surface on hard drives
    • Low-level formats MFM/RLL/IDE drives
    • D.O.D-security erases hard drives
    • Data Structure Template overlays disk or memory areas with template for optimum in-context viewing.
  • Context-sensitive Help System
    • Press F1 at any time to get help that tells what the currently selected item does
    • Alt-F1 at any time to get a coach that tells how to use the currently selected item
    • Ctrl-F1 on any test item to display a tip that explains how to repair an associated failure.
    • F1 when one of the above is displayed causes the index or help, coaches, or tips to be displayed.
    • User may search forward and backward for any text in the help system.
    • Includes over 500 printed pages of information.
    • User may print displayed help information.
    • Complete manual built in.

Batch Mode Testing The  Computer Diagnostic Software examines  the computer in  test groups. Test groups include Motherboard, Memory, Video, Fixed Disk, CD, Floppy Disk, Video, Serial, Parallel, USB, Year 2000, Mouse, Joystick, and Keyboard.

You may run a group or individually selected tests in a group, then run single or multiple passes for either an amount of time per test, amount of time for the group, or number of passes for each test. Test time can be up to 100 hours (four days plus four hours).

You may also select Batch Mode testing and save the test parameters in a batch mode file.  Batch mode testing is also called "burn-in" testing because it runs continuously for a long time and heats up the circuitry. Batch mode tests can simulate a month of normal operation in just a few hours of intensive exercising.

An important feature for systems builders who burn-in many systems at once is the dynamic test result display. The software can be set to halt on a failure or run continuously. If a failure does not lock up the system, then the monitor, if attached, will display the error message on the screen. This will alert a technician across the room that a failure has occurred. Additionally you can also view all testing results in the log file.

Batch Mode testing is a very powerful way to burn-in test a system after repair or before shipping a new system to a customer, for it provokes any imminent "infant mortality" failures while in the shop, rather than in the customer's home or office, and it thereby reduces warranty costs for both the customer and PC technician or builder.

Full Logging of Configuration and Test Results -  The  Computer Diagnostic Software videos through log features to record your test results and configuration information. Log to the printer directly, to a disk file of choice, or just to internal memory. Elect to log only the testing summary showing number of passes and number of failures for each test, or each iteration of each test in a batch mode burn-in test sequence, plus the summary. Because you can log configuration information, you have a handy record to use to verify the customer's system if it is returned for service. See a sample annotated batch mode burn-in Test Log here.                                                                                                  

NIC Test 

PC-Diag NIC Test was designed to detect and perform a network diagnostic on the cards installed in your computer. This simple to use, but professional network interface card test software will diagnose your system right down to low level information. The NIC Test provides its user with detailed reporting, network card information, traffic statistics and more!

USB Test Software

USB Test Software designed to rigorously test, troubleshoot and diagnose all USB devices, ports and hubs. Displays detailed information about host controllers and attached devices and works with any USB device.

PC-Diag USB Test Software offers extensive testing for USB controllers in addition to a powerful discovery engine that provides very detailed information about host controllers and USB devices. The USB Software rigorously tests USB host controllers and USB functionality for all attached USB devices!

This unique USB Test Software eliminates the need for costly, restrictive, multiple loop back test plugs; virtually any USB device can be used for testing!

Remote Testing

The ideal solution for the Remote Help Desk Solutions Technician and PC Support Personnel. PC-Diag Remote PC Diagnostic Software solution enables your help desk technicians to obtain detailed hardware information and run complex computer diagnostic tests instantly on PC's remotely at any location Worldwide across the LAN, WAN or INTERNET.

PC Diag's remote help desk solutions testing capability lets you run the same complex hardware tests on your customers, employees or client's computer that you might run on your own, without leaving your desk! Imagine the time and money you'll save on unnecessary on-site service calls and replacement parts, especially when the problem was "operator error or a software application", not part of your Warranty!

PC Diag Media Tools Boot Disk DOS & Windows Data Recovery Suite


PC Diag Media Tools Boot Disk SUITE is a (DOS &WINDOW lightweight Windows 7, SP1 (WinPE 3.1)

PC Diag Media Tools Boot Disk is a complete and functioning bootable computer operating system on CD/DVD/USB Flash Disk that allows you to boot up any computer and fix most startup, PC configuration problems and system management problems.

Use PC Diag Media Tools Boot Disk to recover your lost data, manage HDD partitions, reset Windows passwords, make computer system backups [disk images], securely erase data and there is much more.


Operating Systems Supported

  • Works with Windows Clients: NT, Win2000 Wks, XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Works with Windows Servers : NT, 2000 Server, 2003, 2008
  • DOS

What are the differences between the Windows and the DOS editions PC Diag Media Tools Boot Disk? Emergency Repair Disks.


PC Diag Media Tools Boot Disk (DOS Edition)

PC Diag Media Tools Boot Disk DOS edition can boot a system into DOS mode. This provides a character based DOS screen allowing you to use the keyboard arrows to select the component you wish to run. The various components are:


  •  Partition Recovery
  •  KillDisk
  •  Disk Image
  •  Password Changer
  •  NTFS Reader

Each component runs in DOS mode which has low memory requirements convenient for systems with little RAM.

How to make DOS boot disk to access NTFS partitions in Windows ?

1. Download the self-extracting Bootable Floppy Disk Creator for NTFS Reader.

2.Insert floppy disk and run NtfsFloppySetup.exe

3. Follow the instructions on the screen

To access NTFS drives from DOS :

1. Reboot your computer from a new boot disk.

2.The program (ReadNTFS.exe) will start automatically from autoexec.bat


Note: You can use NTFSDOS boot disk to access NTFS drives in Windows 98 95 and 3.1. This is a DOS program, but can be run from Windows.


PC Diag Media Tools Boot Disk (Windows Edition) is based on lightweight Windows 7, SP1 (WinPE 3.1) operating system environment.

PC Diag Media Tools Boot Disk is a bootable CD that is based on lightweight Windows 7, SP1 (WinPE 3.1) operating system environment with disk image, data recovery, password resetting, data erasure and network access tools. The WinPE 3.1 Operating System runs entirely from Random Access Memory (RAM), enabling you to insert a second CD that contains drivers or software or can be used for CD/DVD burning.

PC Diag Media Tools Boot Disk Windows edition can boot a system into a Windows lite environment. This provides a graphical user interface allowing use of the keyboard and mouse. PC Diag Media Tools Boot Disk comes with a collection of powerful utilities, giving you the confidence to repair failed systems.

Key component programs and additional utilities are included such as:

File Recovery:  This utility allows you to recover data after deleting, formatting or a loss of partitions on a hard drive. It will also undelete files that was accidentally deleted or corrupted by disk failure.

Software features: Recovers files from deleted, damaged, formatted or reformatted partitions IDE, ATA, SCSI and floppy disks are supported NTFS, NTFS5, NTFS+EFS, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 file systems are supported Support long file names and local language (non-English) file names Recovery of compressed, encrypted (EFS) and fragmented files on NTFS Supports Hardware RAID Arrays and Software RAID Volumes

Partition Recovery:  The PC Diag Partition Recovery tool of PC Diag Media Tools Boot Disk helps to recover (undelete) deleted partition (primary or extended) on PC hard disk drives.

By using PC Diag Partition Recovery, you can backup the MBR (Master Boot Record), partition table, boot sectors and restore MBR from backup if the partition structure was damaged by a virus or inadvertently deleted.

KillDisk:  The KillDisk tool of PC Diag Media Tools Boot Disk allows you to completely destroy all data on hard disks and floppy drives. This prevents any possibility of future recovery of deleted files and folders. It's a hard drive and partition eraser utility.

By using PC Diag KillDisk you can also wipe out all unused space on existing drives, not touching existing data.

PC Diag Media Tools KillDisk conforms to the US Department of Defense clearing and sanitizing standard DOD 5220.22-M.
Other secure data destruction methods can be implemented:

  • One-pass zeros method
  • One-pass random characters method
  • User-defined number of passes (up to 99) method
  • US Department of Defense 5220.22 M standard
  • German VISTR
  • Russian GOST p50739-95
  • Gutmann method

You can be sure that once you clean up with PC Diag KillDisk, sensitive information is purged out forever.

Disk Image: By using the PC Diag Disk Image tool you can create and restore two different types of disk images:

1.Backup Disk Image

A Backup Disk Image contains the exact copy of a computer hard disks, including all user's data, operating systems, and programs. A Backup Disk Image contains used disk space only and may be compressed, password protected, and split into chunks.

2. Raw Disk Image

A Raw Disk Image is an identical copy of every sector from the selected physical hard disk or logical partition including used and unused disk space. It is helpful for future data recovery or for a backup non-Windows operation systems.

Other features let you:

Explore Disk Image and Extract Files/Folders

Display the contents of an existing disk image. Extract files and folders from a backup file.

Verify Disk Image

Check a Disk Image integrity to ensure the data in the image can be read without errors.


Several levels of compression are available for certain types of Disk Images.

Password Protection

The Backup Disk Image can be protected by a password.

Clone Disks

A sector by sector copy from one disk to another.

Hex Editor: By using PC Diag Hex Editor, you can view and edit disk's sectors directly in raw format.

The editor displays information in binary and text modes at the same time. You can use this view to analyze the contents of data storage structure elements such as hard disks and partitions.

A destructive virus may damage the MBR (Master Boot Record) and make it impossible to start the computer from the hard disk. You may use PC Diag HEX Editor to repair a damaged MBR. When you start the computer, the code in the MBR executes before the operating system is started. If the MBR is corrupted, the operating system cannot start.

Password Changer:  By using PC Diag Password Changer, you can reset local administrator and user passwords on Windows XP / VISTA / 2003 / 2000 / NT systems in case an Administrator's password is forgotten or lost.

The forgotten password recovery tool supports multiple hard disk drives, detects several SAM databases (if multiple OS were installed on one volume) and provides the opportunity to pick the right SAM before starting the password recovery process. It displays a list of all local users. The software user simply chooses the local user from the list to reset the password.

Other Windows login security restrictions like 'Account is disabled', 'Password never expires', 'Account is locked out', 'User Must Change Password at Next Logon'and 'Logon Hours' can be changed or reset.

CD/DVD Data Burner:  CD/DVD burning software

Additional utilities include:


  • Map Network Drive
  • Remote Desktop Connection
  • Web browser
  • FTP Client
  • Telnet Client
  • Netcfg
  • Partition Manager (Diskpart)
  • File Explorer
  • Task Manager
  • Drvload
  • Notepad
  • Command Prompt shell

PC Diag Media Tools Boot Disk comes with a collection of powerful utilities, giving you the confidence to repair failed systems:

PC Diag Partition Manager: Add, edit, delete, format and manage the partitions in your computer.

PC Diag Partition Manager is an application that helps you manage storage devices and the logical drives or partitions that they contain. You may create, delete, format and name partitions on your computer without shutting down the system. Most configuration changes take effect immediately.

PC Diag Partition Manager includes the following features:

  • Create a partition or logical drive
  • Format a logical drive or partition (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS)
  • Assign or change partition attributes
  • Format a Flash memory as NTFS
  • Delete a partition or logical drive
  • Create FAT32 partitions greater than 32GB in size (up to 1Tb)
  • Mark partition as active.
  • Create several partitions on a USB flash memory device
  • View the properties of a partition, logical drive or hard drive device

Network operations utilities

    • Map Network Drive
    • Remote Desktop Connection
    • Web browser
    • FTP Client
    • Telnet Client
    • Network Configuration Utility


Other Utilities

    • File Explorer
    • Task Manager
    • On-Fly Drivers Loader
    • Display Configuration Utility
    • Notepad



It is truly great product. I have been using for few years now and prior to that I had to reinstall a windows every once in a while. I was able to recover all my important data to external drive and not worry about losing anything that would take me forever to find.
Keep up the great work. --Adam

Computer Desktop PCI Bus (Diagnostic Motherboard Test Card)

PC-Diag Desktop PCI Slot motherboard test card is the perfect low-cost solution to high-priced troubleshooting. PCI Desktop test card lets you cut service costs to the bone. It shows in plain text the problem code because it can decode the BIOS code directly. No More looking up the code in a code booklet. Included onboard voltage LEDs that indicate the power supply status. Now you can SEE what's wrong with a system that won't boot, even if the screen is blank! Just plug the card into an available slot on your desktop switch on power, and watch the LCD display directly or watch the external LCD display.. The codes and motherboard problem are displayed on the LCD screen, no need to look up the meaning of the BIOS code.


  • Troubleshoot your dead motherboard
  • Instantly Shows why System Won't Boot
  • Desktop PC debug card supports PCI interface
  • LCD screen make diagnostic code easy to watch
  • Two LCD displays
  • External display to easily view POST codes on LCD display
  • Extension LCD screen make diagnostic code easy to watch
  • Back light POST code display - Users can easily readout the POST code on the LCD even in a dark place.

Computer Laptop (Mini-PCI, Mini-PCI-Express & LPC Slot Motherboard Test Card)

Laptop Mini-PCI, Mini-PCI-Express & LPC Slot motherboard test card is the perfect low-cost solution to high-priced troubleshooting. Laptop Test Card lets you cut service costs to the bone. It shows self-test codes and power supply status when power is switched on. Now you can SEE what's wrong with a system that won't boot, even if the screen is blank! Just insert the card into a Mini PCI, Mini-PCI-Express or LPC slot, switch on power, and watch the LCD display. . If a failure is detected by the system self-test, it will halt, and the failing test number and description of the problem will be on the LCD motherboard display. Just read the LCD screen and you will instantly see why the system did not boot.


  • Troubleshoot your dead motherboard
  • Instantly Shows why System Won't Boot
  • Laptop debug card supports Mini PCI, Mini PCI-E and LPC interfaces
  • LCD screen make diagnostic code easy to watch
  • Two LCD displays
  • External display to easily view POST codes on LCD display
  • Extension LCD screen make diagnostic code easy to watch
  • Back light POST code display - Users can easily readout the POST code on the LCD even in a dark place.

Power Supply Tester

Closed Loop ATX Power Supply Tester

Test power supply with dummy load and verifies outputs with LED status.

Not only does this mini ATX power supply check for load verification,
but it checks the output voltage from each of the power supply output
leads. This insures that a correct output is detected to quickly
check the health of your power supply.

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Dear PC Diag,

Recently a customer brought in a "dead" computer and asked us to fix it. We spent about an hour on the PC and determined that it was either the power supply or motherboard or both. We explained to the customer that we would order the parts in and it would cost them nearly $300.00. They agreed to the repair and I was set to order the hardware when the mailman dropped off my new test Post card. I immediately took it to that machine and found that it was neither the power supply or the motherboard. They were both providing codes perfectly.

Armed with that knowledge, my tech and I broke down the computer and started rebuilding it step by step until it failed. Each time we booted it we tested the system with PC Diag for DOS to ensure the system's stability. We finally found that the customer had been struck by lightening and it had destroyed the modem. We replaced the modem and the computer worked fine.

We called the customer back and explained that we were going to be able to save them nearly $200.00. They were skeptical. Their confidence in us was gone. We explained to them that we would test the computer, overnight to ensure the system's reliability and show them the results.

We again setup PC-Diagnostics for DOS and ran the system for 8 hours. After which we ran the system for another 8 hours using PC Diag for Windows. After we showed the customer the results, all passing of course, their trust was restored, they gladly paid us, and referred another customer to us that day.

Thank you PC Diagnostics for helping. I wish I had purchased this great kit 3 years ago when I started out on my own.

William Schilling, Owner/President
Doc Gadget Computers
an SPS Consolidated, LLC Company

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