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                   Laptop Diagnostic Card (Dual MiniPCI & MiniPCI Express Slot Motherboard Test Card)                   

                                                 Intended for (PC Support Technicians and PC Laptop Motherboard Troubleshooting).



                                 This test card troubleshoots laptop style motherboards  through the Mini Card PCI-E (1/2 slot) or Mini PCI (full slot).                                                                                                                                                              

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Laptop MiniPCI & Mini PCI-Express Test Card Description:                                                               

Laptop Motherboard Dual Mini Card PCI-E/Mini PCI Card - is the perfect low-cost solution to high-priced troubleshooting. Our miniPCI-E Test Card lets you cut service costs to the bone.

It is easy to install, yet extremely powerful to use. With our diagnostic card in hand, you no longer have to go through the tedious and time consuming process of trying to figure out what is wrong with your PC hardware. This motherboard test card will tell you exactly what is wrong with your PC in just seconds. It will save you time and money. Our new diagnostic test card will work with almost all the most popular types of CPU's, Motherboards and BIOS.

System Requirements

Laptop Motherboard mini PCI Express Test Card only requires an empty mini-PCI or mini-PCI-E expansion slot. It is not necessary to install memory chips to perform an analysis."POST Codes" are displayed through the hexadecimal display panel on the PC Diagnostic Card itself.

This product troubleshoots laptop style motherboards through the Mini Card PCI-E (1/2 slot) or Mini PCI (full slot).

EVOLUTION - Dual Mini Card PCI Express and Mini PCI Slot

In laptop machines, the Mini Card PCI Express (PCI-E) replaces the Mini PCI card standard slot design, which is a small internal card functionally identical to standard desktop computer PCI cards. Mini Card PCI-E and Mini PCI cards are used mainly to add communications functions to portable laptop computers that are built- or customized-to-order. The Mini Card PCI Express is half the size of the Mini PCI cards. This allows system designers to include one or two cards, depending on the size constraints of a particular portable computer. Our Diagnostic Card has BOTH SLOT TYPES to allow for this technology transition.

  • Works with Laptop Only Motherboards
  • Troubleshoot your dead motherboard.
  • External display to easily view POST codes


Use this card to troubleshoot your motherboard problems. Sometimes your computer will not boot. Use this diagnostic card to see the POST (power on self test) codes that the BIOS commands the motherboard to perform. Each motherboard has a BIOS chip which is a device that initializes all hardware components on the motherboard such as CPU, memory, video card, etc. During the boot up sequence, your BIOS will also generate what is called POST80 code. Each code can be referenced in a manual supplied to help determine the problem with the motherboard. If your code is NOT LISTED in our manual, chances are you have a newer motherboard. Visit the manufacture of your BIOS and download the manual of your BIOS direct. In most cases, where the last post code is displayed on the POST card is generally the problem area. For example: If you have an Award Bios on your motherboard, and you install this card. Turn on the power to your computer. Your computer stops booting, but the POST card shows a code of “01″. This could mean you have a faulty CPU on your motherboard because the BIOS told the CPU to start, but the CPU did not respond. If a piece of hardware does not respond during a boot sequence, then the motherboard will not finish POSTing.

When the machine is turned on , the hexadecimal display should show the various POST codes as the system executes (unless it has a rare BIOS that does not display POST codes). If the machine does not boot, system POST has detected a fatal fault and stopped. The number showing in the hexadecimal display on the test card is the number of the test in which POST failed, simply refer to the manual.

The miniPCI Express Notebook Diagnostic Card is the only active hardware tool in its class to provide you with a true solution to mini-PCI or mini-PCI-E. The reason this is important is that bus transactions can be locked up by faulty adapter cards that do not handshake signals properly. The Notebook motherboard Test Card monitors the major transaction signals so you will know if a handshake did not occur properly.

If you are a service professional, you need the miniPCI Express Test Card, so order it now. If you are a computer hobbyist, our Laptop Test Card can easily save you the value of its cost in one service call by a professional who has one. That means it pays for itself fast, AND you can use our notebook test card to help your friends, or start your own home business troubleshooting computers.


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