How to open PDO files in Windows 10

If you have come here looking for a solution to open a PDO file on your Windows operating system PC, we will guide you with all the necessary details that you may need. This article will tell you about a PDO file, the software that supports PDO files, and how exactly to open pdo files on Windows 10 PC.

Let us begin.

What is a PDO file?

A PDO file extension lies in the category of Page Layout File type. It is a papercraft or digital origami file created electronically by Pepakura designer software. These Pepakura designer file extensions are data files that contain 3D model data. With the 3D model data, you get 2D model cut-outs in these files.

More about .PDO files

These 2D model cut-outs can be printed on paper and used as papercraft models to build the corresponding 3D model. Those interested in the origami-style 3D model building can cut out the parts of the 3D model from the paper printed with 2D cut-outs, then create a life-size or scaled-down replica of the 3D model.

Regarding the 2D design, the Pepakura Designer software lets the creator add folding lines, marks to cut, and directions to assemble the pieces to create the 3D papercraft model. Altogether, the information on the 2D print on a PDO file makes it relatively easy and fun to build 3D paper models.

Now that we know briefly about PDO files and what PDO files associate with, let us look at how you can open a pdo file extension on your PC.

How to open PDO files in Windows 10?

We already know that a PDO or a Pepakura Designer file type is associated with a specific program; that the,e Pepakura Designer. This means that the best and one of the most popular programs to open a PDO file would be the Pepakura Designer’s software. However, the Pepakira Designer is not the only correct application to open a PDO file.

Here are the two programs that let you open a PDO file on Windows 10:

  1. Pepakura Designer
  2. Pepakura Viewer

The following section will show how to open files in these two programs.

#1-Pepakura Designer

If you have come looking for software to open or view a PDO file, you do not have an appropriate program on your PC.

So, the first step in this process would be to download the Pepakura Designer program on your PC and install it.

Install the program from the above link to open an older or the latest PDO file format. This link directs you to the latest downloadable version of the Pepakura Designer software.

Once you have installed the Pepakura Designer, open it. Now, on the software’s interface, go to File, then from the menu, select the Open option. Or, you can press the Ctrl + O keys on your keyboard together.

Now browse the File you want to open with the PDO file extension on your PC, then double-click on it to open and view. As simple as that.

The Pepakura program also lets you open other 3D file formats. These formats include.OBJ, .STL, .KMZ, .DXF, . LWO, .3DS, and more.

#2 – Pepakura Viewer

Now let us check out another software you can use to open the PDO file on your Windows 10 PC; the Pepakura Viewer.

The Pepakura Viewer is another software developed by the developers of the Pepakura Designer that you can use to view papercraft models based on the PDO file extension.

The free Pepakura Viewer program is available on the same website as the Pepakura Designer.

Now, download Pepakura Viewer (the latest version) on your PC and install it.

When the installation is complete, follow the same procedure as above to open and view PDO papercraft files.

Press Ctrl + O, then from the File Explorer that opens, browse and double click on your PDO paper craft file.

The Pepakura Viewer software is designed to work with Silhouette CAMEO, a machine that lets you cut patterns on paper present on PDO papercraft files. There are other programs, too, that are compatible with the Silhoutte CAMEO machine.

Closing Words

I hope the above piece helped you with the correct application for opening and viewing your PDO file.

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