How to Keep Downloading in Sleep Mode: Windows 10

how to keep downloading when sleep mode windows 10

A Very Common Scenario: You decided to download something on your laptop, maybe a game, a movie, or perhaps a Windows 10 update. As the download file size is too big, you decided to take time off from your laptop or maybe had to leave your laptop because of one or another reason. So, you close down the lid of your laptop and walk away, thinking the download will be completed by the time you are back.

Now you head back to your laptop after some time, only to find that the download was not complete. And now, you are wondering why did the download stop when you did not even shut down your laptop. Well, what happened was, your laptop went into sleep mode as you closed the lid, which interrupted the download. And this rings a question in your mind, how to keep downloading when sleep mode is active in Windows 10.

Can I continue downloading in Sleep Mode on Windows 10?

When sleep mode is activated, all the settings, programs, and documents open on your PC are moved to its memory device. And while this happens, all the PC components are powered off except the memory. This way, your PC draws a minimal amount of power to keep just the memory device on. Everything on your PC is paused. So you cannot do anything or make any program run in the background when Sleep mode is initiated.

Talking about downloading while the PC is in sleep mode, it is practically impossible. So the answer is NO. You cannot continue downloading in sleep mode in Windows 10. You cannot even continue downloading when your PC is in Hibernation mode. However, a workaround allows you to keep downloading when you close down your laptop’s lid.

Can I Keep Downloading with Laptop Lid Closed?

By default, your laptop is set to enter sleep mode whenever you close down its lid. When that happens, every function or program on your PC is paused. But, what to do if you want to keep downloading files on your laptop with its lid closed? In that case, you can make changes in your laptop settings not to enter sleep mode when the lid is closed. You will need to make some tweaks in the PC settings to let your computer continue working, usually even when the lid is closed.

In this article, we are going to discuss the process of making some changes in Windows 10 settings. These changes will let your laptop operate typically with its lid closed. This way, you can continue downloading on your PC when you are away from your laptop when you are on the move, or in any scenario where you will need to close down your PC’s lid.

Can I Disable Sleep mode in Windows 10 Laptop or Desktop?

This process will not only be helpful for laptops but desktop as well. Windows 10 PC is usually set to enter sleep mode after a defined interval of time if you do not do anything on it. If you have put something for download and your computer stays untouched for a given period, it will enter Sleep Mode, pausing every process running on your PC.

Windows 10 settings have options that let you disable sleep mode on your PC. This way, your download will continue, no matter how long it takes, even if you are not operating your PC.

How to Keep Downloading with Laptop Lid Closed?

If you are a laptop user, this section is for you. Go to the next section if you use a Desktop and want to disable Sleep Mode.

Now, talking about changing what your system does when the lid is closed, we will know about the steps involved in this process. The system settings, by default, put your PC into sleep mode when the lid is shut. But through Control Panel, you can make tweaks in your PC to stop that from happening. After completing this change, you will be able to continue downloading even when the laptop lid is closed. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Press Win + X keys on your keyboard. The Windows Power Menu will open. Here, click on the Control Panel option.

Step 2: The Control Panel window will open now. Here, select the Hardware and Sound option.

Step 3: On the next screen, go ahead and select Power Options.

Step 4: The Power Options screen will open in Control Panel. Here, go to the left pane of the window and select the Choose that closing the lid.

Step 5: On the next screen, you will find various power settings options that define what to do when a particular action is taken on your PC. Go to the When I close the lid section. Here, you will get two dropdown options: when your PC is on battery and the other for when the power cable is plugged in. In both the dropdowns, select the options as Do nothing. After making the selection in both dropdowns, go ahead and select the Save changes button.

Once you have applied the changes in the Settings, give your PC a restart. Now, you will be able to download files on your laptop in Windows 10, even with its lid closed.

How to Disable Auto-Sleep mode in Windows 10

Your PC is set to enter sleep mode after a defined time interval. But, Windows gives you an option to disable your PC from entering sleep mode automatically. For this, you will need to set the Sleep Mode time to never. After making this change, you will only be able to manually enter sleep mode, i.e., through the Power Options in the Start menu. Let us check out the steps involved in this process:

Step 1: Press Win + S to launch the Start menu Search Panel. In the panel, type Power Options. Select Power Options from the search results.

Step 2: The Power Options window ill open with a bunch of options. Here, go to the power plan you are using and click on the Change plan settings option.

Step 3: On the next screen, select the option named Change advanced power settings.

Step 4: A new Power Options window will open. Here, go to the list of options, click on the Sleep option to expand it, then change the Sleep after value to never. If you are using a laptop and want to make the same settings, you will get two options under the Sleep settings: On battery and Plugged in. Here, you will not find the Never option but only get to set the time in minutes. Just enter the value as 9999999 in both the sections, and you will be good to go.

Now, click on Ok to save the settings. Restart your PC now.

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