How to Bold Text on Discord

Discord is a free voice, video, and text chatting app many people use to communicate with communities and friends. The Discord app has many features, because of which it has become the essential tool in bringing the gaming communities together.

There are no Discord text formatting tools available in the Discord chat, yet you notice people using bold in Discord or italics fonts while chatting. Have you ever wondered how to do it? This article shall guide you on how to use italics and bold in Discord.

Methods to Bold Text on Discord

Let us check out different methods that will come in handy with how to bold on Discord:

#1- Using Markdown

Since Discord does not have formatting options, you can bold in Discord using a Markdown.

Markdown is a lightweight markup language with the plain-text-formatting syntax used for writing messages; this can be used on Discord.

Initially, Discord only supported HTML, but Markdown can now be used.

You can use bold formatting in Discord for several reasons, either for a name, to emphasize something particular, etc. For example, sometimes you want to create a bold message on your Discord channel.

To create bold text in Discord, put the word between two asterisks (**) and press Enter. Now, you will have bold text.

#2- Other formatting options on Discord

There are ways to use other formatting options for Discord users by following the steps below.

How to italicize words in discord?

To make your status or message look fancy, you can italicize text.

If you wish to italicize text in Discord, you can use one asterisk (*) before and after the text.

How to underline text in discord?

Underling a word or a sentence can be very important. To do so, you can use this Markdown feature. To underline text in Discord, add two underscores (__) before and after the text.

Press Enter to see the text underlined.

How to underline italicized text?

If you wish to underline the italicized words, all you need to do is add two underscores and one asterisk, followed by the text, then again one asterisk and two underscores, as shown in the image above.

How to strikethrough text in Discord?

This may be used rarely, but if you wish to strike out a word or sentence in Discord, you can. In case you want to strikethrough text in Discord, all you need to do is add two tildes (~~) before and after the text.

Press Enter to see the text struck.

How to Bold Italics text in Discord?

To see your bold italics text in Discord, you must add three asterisks (***) before and three asterisks after the text.

Press Enter, and create bold italicized text between the three asterisks.

How to create Bold, Underlined text in Discord?

So far, you have learned how to bold, italicize, and bold italics. Now, let us see how you can further change your text.

To bold underlined text on Discord, add two underscore characters and two asterisks (__**) before and after the text.

Press Enter, and you will be able to see bold unlined text.

#3- How to make Discord status Bold text in Discord?

You can easily make your status bold on the Discord channel. This can help grab the attention of others by highlighting the game you are currently playing.

The default font used in Discord is Uni Sans. To change it to another font, you can use a web page called Lingojam.

The Discord application does not have its own Discord text formatting tools, but you can customize your status by following the steps below.

Step#1– Open the Lingojam website with any browser on your computer.

Step#2– On the left window, type the status of your choice; you can select the text in the desired font from the right window to customize it.

Step#3- Copy the customized status and paste it to the status bar on the Discord status section.

Now, you have a fancy status for your Discord channel.

#4- How to Discord text formatting- Code blocks?

Code blocks are technically classed as advanced Discord text formatting. Code blocks are used in Discord with the backtick key (`).

Code blocks can be used in Discord to separate a section of the text, emphasize a part, help it stand out, or to make it more appealing to the viewer. Code block also allows you to change the background color of the text.

Single-line code block

For single-line code blocks, highlight the entire message and add a single backtick (`) before and after the text.

Multiple line code block

For more than one line code block, highlight the text and add three backticks (“`) before and after the text. Finally, press Enter to see the result.

#5-Discord text formatting tricks- Writing in color

To use colored text formatting, you can use syntax highlighting. The highlighting options are not available in Discord, but, Highlight.js runs in the background of Discord. With its use, you can add color to the text on Discord.

While we depend on syntax highlighting for color, the color choices are limited.

The format for color syntax language for highlighting is similar; add three backticks (“`) to start, Enter, add text, Enter, and finally, three more backticks to be added at the end.

How to color text- Red?

To create text in red color, a Diff syntax is used. You need to add three backticks (“`), one hyphen (-) followed by the text, and three backticks at the end.

How to color text- Orange?

To create orange text in Discord, use CSS syntax, which requires square brackets to be added before and after the text.

How to color text in Yellow?

To create yellow text in Discord, use Fix syntax, i.e., a plus sign (+) before the reader.

How to color text in Cyan?

You can use JSON syntax if you use cyan text in Discord. However, this requires using a quotation mark(“) on either side of the text.

How to color text- Blue?

To create blue text in Discord, use Ini syntax. In addition, you need to add square brackets on either side of the text.

How to highlight text with color in Discord?

With block code, you can highlight text differently; for this, you need to use the Tex syntax. You must first type the text message and add a dollar sign ($) at the beginning of the message.

Using the above methods, you can use colored text for your Discord message. These features are often used to define a programming language and to colorize parts of the code to make it easier for the viewer to understand.

#6- How to write spoilers in Discord?

Following these steps, you can write spoilers on your channel in Discord on your computer or smartphone.

Step#1– Open the Discord app on your computer or smartphone.

Step#2– Select a friend with whom you want to share a spoiler or on your channel. Now, select where you wish to write a message.

Step#3– To hide text messages from other users, use double pipes (|| text||) before and after the text.

This will command Discord to hide text messages until the user wishes to see them.

Alternate to writing spoilers in Discord

There is an alternate way to write spoilers; follow these steps.

Step#1- Open the Discord app.

Step#2- Select where you choose to write the message.

Step#3– Type the message and write /spoiler before the message.

Step#4– Press or tap Enter to send the message.

The message will appear blacked out until the user double-clicks it, and they can see the news with a grey background.

#7- How can you send HTML in Discord?

If you are wondering if it is possible to send an HTML link via Discord, it is very much possible. Follow these steps to do so:

Step#1– Copy the HTML page that you wish to share.

Step#2– Open the Discord app and paste the HTML link in the text field.

Step#3– Before you send, add three backticks (“`) at the beginning of the HTML link. Now, press Send.


Discord users can use all the above tricks to bold text, change the font, format text, and change the colors of their Discord messages.

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