Error code: 0x803f7001 [Solved]

error code 0x803f7001
error code 0x803f7001
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These types of error are mostly caused during the installation of windows 10. Before windows 10, the activation process was different. That’s why most of the user gets the error code: 0x803f7001. Now we are about to see the methods to fix this kind of error. In the previous version of windows, windows would be activated typing the product key. Windows 10 should be activated by using digital entitlement that doesn’t require the product key. You can also upgrade from windows 7 or windows 8/8.1 to windows 10 using digital entitlement. However, it is spotted that this method of activation has not been effective because of this error 0xC803f7001. The common examples of this error are listed below.

  • After hardware error 0xC803f7001: This error mostly occurs after replacing any crucial hardware part of the computer. You should make your windows genuine again after replacing a crucial part by following our simple steps.
  • Activation failed due to lack of a valid digital entitlement
  • Slui 4 is not working in your windows 10: Slui 4 is one of the most used methods for installing genuine windows in your computer. If slui 4 is not working on your windows 10, error 0x803f7001 will be popped out.

Three methods to fix the error code: 0x803f7001

  1. Change the product key: Most of the users say that they are getting messages like “Activation error occurred due to lack of product key/digital entitlement. error 0x803f70001”. You can fix this error by purchasing the product key/digital entitlement. You should buy the digital license online to activate. After purchasing the product key, follow the following steps to proceed.
    • Go to setting from the start menu.
    • Click on update and security option.
    • Go to Update and Security.
    • Choose Activation option in the left bar of the current window.
    • Select Change the product key and enter your licensed product key and activate your windows 10.
    • After that, you will get a message “We couldn’t activate windows”.
    • You need to repeat the entire process from first but this time you should enter the serial number for windows 7 or window 8.1.
    • If this process becomes successful, you’ll get a message like “You have a genuine version of windows 10”.
  2. You can also activate your windows from your phone: If you are getting this error while installing windows 10, you can fix this error from your phone. You can the following steps to proceed.
    • You should press windows key+R and type “Slui 4”. After that, press ‘Enter’ and run it.
    • You will be asked to choose your country or region, you can choose your country or region accordingly.
    • You can see the toll free number displayed on your screen. You should call that number and enter the installation ID.
    • You get the confirmation ID, after calling to that toll-free number.
    • Enter the confirmation ID that you’ve received.
    • Finally, click Activate and your windows is genuine.
  3. You can also fix this error by upgrading to windows 10 again: In most of the cases, the solution explained below will work. But if those solutions didn’t work then this is the final solution for you. To start this method of solution, you need to install a genuine version of windows 7 or windows 8.1 and activate it. After installing windows 7 or windows 8.1, try upgrading it to windows 10 again and try activating it again.

We hope that one of these solutions worked for your pc.


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