Error Code: 0x80041006 [Solved]

Error Code 0x80041006 [Solved]

Error Code 0x80041006 [Solved]
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The error code: 0x80041006 is mostly seen while playing online games from different websites such as Yahoo, MSN, Facebook or any other in Internet Explorer. This error may give problem like not being able to download it, not being able to launch the game, not being able to load the game or not being able to use some functionality inside the game. Because of this error, your game may freeze while playing, the screen may go dark and you may not be able to play the game or you may not even be able to use the particular website. You can follow these solution steps in order to fix the error code: 0x80041006.

Use the Disk Cleanup

Microsoft has given a built-in tool for removing the junk files from your computer called Disk Cleanup. You can utilize it to clean the junk files from your computer.

  • Search Disc Cleanup in search box.
  • Open the searched disk cleanup app, when it popup, select drive C and click ‘OK’.
  • Select the unwanted files you want to clean up and click OK.
  • It will ask you permission to delete those files permanently so click Yes.
  • Your selected files will be deleted from the selected disc.

Check boot in safe mode with networking.

Unwanted drivers, processes and other features can hamper your updates. You have to boot in a Safe Mode with Networking to remove corrupted files and update your system and apps. Follow these simple steps to open safe mode with networking.

  • Go to start button and open settings.
  • Click on Update & Security and go to recovery.
  • Now, click on Advanced Startup.
  • After that, click on restart now and choose a troubleshoot option.
  • Choose Advanced Options.
  • Now, click on Startup Settings and Restart your computer. Select 5 or F5 for safe mode with networking.

After you open safe mode with networking perform SFC scan in your computer. To do the SFC scan using the command prompt, follow these simple steps.

  • Open Command Prompt and type and type SFC/scannow and hit Enter.
  • The system check will be started and will take some time.
  • This process will find the corrupted files in your computer and removes it.
  • After finishing the process, restart your computer.

After you complete these steps, your problem will be solved. Follow other methods for the solution if this method did not work for you.

Create a new user profile

You need to create a new outlook account to create a new user profile. Follow these steps to create a new user profile in your PC.

  • Search ‘Add, edit and remove other users’ in the search box and select the result.
  • On next step, either you can add your family member or someone else in the PC.
  • Whichever option you choose, a popup box will appear.
  • After that, enter your name, email address, and password. You need to type the same password for two times for confirmation.
  • Now, click on Finish.
  • Select either Prompt for a profile to be used or change the profile by using the default. After that, select Outlook.
  • Finally, you can close that window and open Outlook app. After that, select the just created a new user profile. Your new user profile has been created.

Following these steps will certainly help to eliminate your problem.

Uninstall or disable the security software

As we know, security software like antivirus, anti-malware software and Firewalls can also cause these sorts of errors. These sorts of software can cause error code: 0x80041006. You have to either disable or Uninstall those security programs running in your computer. You can do this either by going to that software or by following these simple steps listed below.

  • Go to the search bar and type Add or remove programs.
  • Now find the security software from the list of apps.
  • After that, right-click on that particular software and select remove program.
  • The uninstalling process will start.

You can disable your antivirus by opening that specific software and going to the setting.

Reset your TCP/IP in your computer

Resetting TCP/IP in your computer also may help you to fix error 0x80041006. Follow these simple steps in order to reset TCP/IP in your computer.

  • Open Command Prompt and type these codes
    netsh int ip reset
    netsh int ipv6 reset
    netsh winsock reset
  • Now restart your computer system.

Your error should be fixed using this method of solution. If your error was not fixed using this method use any other solutions stated below.

Uninstall and restart your game

You have to uninstall the problematic game and install it again. Here is how to do it.

  • Search Add or Remove Programs in the windows search box and click ok.
  • You can see the list of games and applications present in your computer. Right-click on the game you want to uninstall and select the uninstall option.
  • Now follow the instructions given on the screen.
  • When the process is complete, restart your device.
  • After restarting, install the game you wanted from either within the device or from the external drive or download from the internet.

Hopefully, this solves your problem.

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