Tips to Solve “Discord Installation Has Failed”

The Discord app was initially designed with gamers in mind and acted as a Voice Over IP software that lets users chat on different servers and share content. Discord has since then grown into a more general community-building application with text and voice chat features.

Unfortunately, if you’re trying to install and run Discord on your computer as a Windows 10 user, you might encounter the “Discord Installation Has Failed” error message.

Now you might wonder: how can I fix the discord installation according to this error?

It’s pretty simple. Stay with us, and we’ll show you how to fix your Discord installation issues.

Why Won’t Discord Install On My PC?

As a desktop computer user, you may not be able to install Discord on your device.

There are two possibilities why the Discord app may not install on your personal computer:

  • Drivers need to update. To fix this, install the latest drivers.
  • Discord processes have halted. You need to check the processes from the task manager and possibly restart your computer to fix this.

Why Is My Discord Installation Failed?

One of the most common error messages you may encounter while installing the discord app is the “Installation has failed” error message. This is most common for users of Windows, both Windows 10 and earlier Windows versions.

The most likely reason for this error report is that Discord folders have been corrupted during installation. In that case, you need to uninstall Discord and delete the corrupted files before installing discord again.

Upon reinstallation, you should be able to run the Discord app.

Keep reading if you’d like to know how to fix a failed installation error. Then, we’ll show you how to uninstall your app and hide files and folders.

How Do I Fix A Failed Installer?

If you’re worried about a failed Discord installer, you can rest easy, as there is no need to download the Discord installer again.

There are two steps to fixing a failed discord installer, which we will go over briefly here.

The first step is to disable discord in the task manager from your computer. This will shut down any open instances of Discord and end corrupted processes. The next step is to delete discord and wipe appdata from the discord folders.

Both steps are necessary for installing discord on your computer. Here are the steps to solve the discord installation that has failed the error message.

Ten Steps To Solve Discord Installation Has Failed Bug

Note that this guide is written for Windows 10 users, as it is the latest version. However, the “installation has failed” message can also be found in older versions of Windows.

Step # 1

Start Windows 10 and boot the system. Once windows ten boots, press the Windows logo key + R simultaneously. This will open the Run dialog box.

Step # 2

Once you open Run, type taskmgrin the search box, and click the OK button.

Step # 3

The task manager will now open up. Select Discord processes and right-click, then click the End Task button.

Step # 4

Now, look for other Discord-related processes and click End task for each process.

Step # 5

Next, you must open the Run window one more time. Press the Windows logo key + R simultaneously.

Step # 6

From the Run dialog box, open the appdata folder to delete the remaining Discord files. To open the folder, type %AppData% in the dialog box and click OK.

Step # 7

A folder window should pop up from file explorer. For example, try and find the Discord folder and right-click on it.

Step # 8

From the right-click menu options, look for delete and scroll down to it. Click delete or press Enter. If you are prompted with any warnings, click OK to proceed with the deletion.

Step # 9

After you delete all discord-related files from the discord folder, click the Exit button to close file explorer.

Step # 10

Restart your computer once you are done. For example, if you have windows update queued, your computer should restart itself later.

You’re done! The error should now disappear after you restart your computer and try to install discord again. However, if the discord installation fails still shows up, you might not have properly deleted the discord folder files. In that case, delete discord once more and right-click appdata files to delete them.

How Do I Manually Install Discord?

If you have tried all the recommendations but cannot run Discord, you might face other issues. 

One possibility is that you have an old installer and need to update to a new version. In the other case, you may need to update your drivers and try to download the latest drivers from Windows 10 website.

No matter what you decide, you can manually install the Discord client to update the Discord application to the latest version. In most cases, it will fix the discord installation where the installation has failed error message shows up.

As the Discord application is free to download, you can download the client from the official Discord page (all rights reserved).

After downloading the client, you can start the standalone executable client to install Discord manually.

For additional support, you can communicate via the Discord help center for support with installation-related errors.

Final Thoughts

With millions of users on Windows, Android, and iOS, Discord is one of the most popular apps for community building worldwide.

If Discord fails to install correctly, you can always reinstall it. However, close all Discord-related processes from the task manager first and delete all Discord folders and files from your computer.

Once you follow these instructions, you’ll be on your way to connecting with your favorite communities and sharing content on Discord in no time!

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