How to Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error

Imagine it’s a Saturday night. You and your friends from all over the country are ready to conquer the battlefield in Fortnite. So you launch the game and try to connect with your clan on Discord, and Bam! You get a Discord awaiting endpoint error.

It will surely be a mood killer if you don’t know how to fix the error quickly. Unfortunately, discord awaiting endpoint is relatively common and is not just a barrier to smooth gaming but can also affect brands, personalities, and general users who use Discord for several purposes.

Fret not; we’ve got an easy fix for you to eliminate the discord awaiting endpoint error. But before we get into it, let’s briefly examine what Discord is about.

Who is the Discord app for?

Discord was launched in 2015 as a VoIP and instant messaging platform. Over several servers, it allows users to communicate via text, voice calls, and videos. It has been trendy among the gaming community, who use its seamless service to stay in touch with their clan while gaming. However, the Discord app is also used for other businesses. In a recent report, discord revealed that 70% of its traffic comes from the non-gaming community.

Because it has high-quality voice quality, a lot of podcast hosts and streamers also use Discord for their work. It is also a fantastic tool for Customer Response Management (CRM) because of how it shows live flows of comments. As a result, you can interact with your customers in real-time and keep them satisfied with your prompt resolution. This is way better than other social media channels.

If you’ve been on the app for some time, you must have encountered the awaiting endpoint error.

What is the ‘awaiting endpoint error’, and what causes it?

‘Awaiting endpoint’ on Discord means that Discord cannot establish a reliable connection. In simpler terms, this Discord Error means that the message (or other data) you sent over the Discord server was stuck and couldn’t be processed correctly.

Now, there are many reasons which can cause this discord error. Let’s have a look at a few of them below:

1) Discord Servers

Since the traffic is so high, you can sometimes face a server outage. Discord servers are usually very secure, but if you encounter a server outage, you can change the server and try to fix the error by changing your region (explained in detail below).

2) Slow internet connection

“Restart the WiFi router, and it should work.” The most common solution to all Internet-related problems works sometimes. However, a slow or poor internet connection at your end can cause the awaiting endpoint problem. So, it’s better to check your internet before trying other methods.

3) Outdated app

Sometimes, an outdated version of the Discord app can also cause the discord awaiting endpoint error to occur. Therefore, always keep the latest app on your system to ensure things keep running smoothly.

Methods to Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error

Now, let’s look at some easy fixes to the discord awaiting endpoint issue.

Wait till the outage is over.

Probably the most frustrating solution to the problem, but you can’t do much more in this case. When there’s an outage at Discord’s end, you can’t do anything but wait for the engineers to rack their brains and fix the discord awaiting endpoint problem.

You can also check the app’s status through the Discord status website.

Change Discord server region.

Discord’s servers all over the world ensure seamless connectivity for users worldwide. People can connect to the nearest server to get going on the app quickly.

If the Discord outage described above is just in your region, you can change the server settings and connect to a different country’s server. Although Discord chooses the server location for every voice channel on its backend, the owners and admins of any medium can change the server region.

Below, we give a step-by-step process to change Discord’s server settings.

1) Open Discord, right-click on the voice channel’s name, and go to ‘Edit channel‘.

2) Hover over the ‘Region Override‘ section and change the option from ‘Automatic‘ to any region of your preference.

3) Since Discord will choose the region closest to you, try choosing one that’s pretty far. A different continent, for example. You can find the server region through the drop-down menu.

4) Confirm by pressing ‘Save changes’. Remember that now all users on that voice chat will connect to this region, no matter where they live. But this should solve the problem!

Also, note that the process is slightly different if you’re mobile. You must long-press the voice channel’s name, go to ‘Edit channel’ and then follow the same procedure as above. Once the server region is changed, press the floppy disk icon to save.

Check your Wi-Fi settings

As discussed above, a problem with your Wi-Fi network can also cause the discord awaiting endpoint error. However, this problem is local and shouldn’t affect the rest of the people on the voice chat. Thus, reconfiguring your Wi-Fi settings can fix the issue for your system.

The easiest fix is to restart your Wi-Fi router and then connect to the network again. If your internet connection is restored, reasonable. Otherwise, you may have to contact your ISP and request help.

You can also try to enter the admin section of your internet connection and change the settings to default in the network dashboard.

If the issue persists, you can check if your firewall is interfering with your internet and try flushing the DNS cache.

Another way to solve the Discord awaiting endpoint issue is to try and establish a secure connection via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Once you have a smooth internet connection, the endpoint error should go away.

Restart Discord/Reinstall Discord /Update Discord

If you’ve tried changing the server region and fixing your Wi-Fi, and Discord still shows the awaiting endpoint error, don’t worry; there’s another way to fix it.

Sometimes, if there’s a glitch in the Discord app, you might get the ‘Awaiting endpoint’ error. The error will be fixed simply by restarting Discord if that’s the reason.

You should also keep the latest version of the Discord app. An outdated app version might have more glitches and make it hard to connect to the internet or server.

Mostly, when you launch Discord, your computer would automatically looks for updates. If this was missed, you could update discord by pressing Ctrl + R on your desktop. That way, it will check for updates. If you have a Mac, the keys would be Command + R.

If you wish to update the app, go to the Play Store or App Store to check for the latest version.

Lastly, you can reinstall discord if the awaiting endpoint error occurs even after installing the latest app version.

If this doesn’t work, you can always connect with Discord Support.

I hope you can fix the discord awaiting endpoint error with these Discord fixes.

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