How to Change Spectrum Router Password

Without a strong password, your internet is at risk of being hacked. To keep your internet speed and private data intact, it is essential to change your Spectrum wifi name and the Spectrum wifi password now and then.

Charter Spectrum is one of the most popular internet providers, providing absolute convenience to its subscribers. They advise changing the username and password of your Spectrum wi-fi router every few months.

It is imperative to know if there is more than one device connected. All connected devices will disconnect when you change the router’s network name and password. Therefore, you will need to connect them again to the router.

Why should I change the router password-Spectrum?

Here are a few reasons why changing the Spectrum wifi network password is essential.

  1. It will prevent anyone from hijacking your network data.
  2. It provides security against cyberattacks.
  3. Keeps the number of connections in check.
  4. Resetting the configuration will improve the performance.

Here is an easy step-by-step guide to changing your Spectrum wi-fi username and password to safeguard your data.

Changing the Spectrum wireless network username and password is relatively easy. It can be done through ethernet cables or wireless devices on any operating system.

Firstly, you may want to check your computer’s current Spectrum wifi info.

How to view current wifi information on Windows10

If you are facing any internet issues, it is essential to know if you are using the proper internet connection. You can view your current internet connection information using the steps below.

Step#1– On the Windows search bar, type in Control Panel and select Open to launch the app.

Step#2– Select the Network and Internet option on the Control Panel window.

Step#3-Select the View network status and task option under the Network and Sharing Center header on the Network and Internet window.

Step#4– Select your connected wifi network option on the Network and Sharing page.

Step#5– Now, select the option Wireless Properties on the next window. Here you will find your Spectrum wifi security code.

Step#6– On the Wireless Network Properties window, you can find all your security information under the Security tab.

To see the username and password, select the Show characters option and view the information in the Network Security Key field.

How to change Spectrum wifi network name and password

Before you change the Spectrum network name and passkey, you should know that the wifi network name is also called SSID, and the password can also be referred to as network security key, WPA key, or WAP.

Now let us go ahead and make your Spectrum wifi network secure.

To change your Spectrum router’s network name and password, you must locate your router’s IP address before you begin. It is usually located at the router’s bottom, back, or side, along with other information.

Step#1- Find the IP address of your router

Note the router’s IP address; it is usually printed beside the router’s login.

If you are unaware, the router’s IP address looks like this-

Open any browser window of your choice, type the router’s IP address into the address bar, and press Enter on the keyboard.

In case you get a message saying- Your connection is not private. Just hit the Advanced option, then select Proceed.

Step#2- Enter Wifi network info

On the next page, enter the Spectrum router default username and password. Usually, in Spectrum routers, the username and password are both admin.

Step#3- Log in to the router dashboard

After adding the default password, you can now click Login.

This will provide you with your Spectrum routers’ web information.

Now that you have all the required info click Advanced on the top right side of the screen beside the Login icon. If you do not see this option, ignore it and move on.

Step#4- Make changes

If your router is dual-band, choose between 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Each band of a dual-band router has a unique wifi name and a password.

Now select the tab named Basic.

Under the primary tab, enter your new username and password under the Security Setting header.

You will see that the security setting is set to WPA2 personal by default, leaving it as recommended.

Step#5- Confirm changes and save settings

Now, confirm the new wifi password by re-typing it into the field.

After filling in all the necessary fields, select Apply option available at the base of the page. Once selected, all the changes made and the new security code will be saved.

How to change Spectrum wifi network name and wifi password through the router’s web interface

You can change the Spectrum router name and password via the router’s web interface through,

  • Your Spectrum online account
  • My Spectrum App

Reset Spectrum router name and password using Your Spectrum online account

If you cannot reach the router settings, there is more than one way to change the Spectrum wifi username and password. Let us check out the steps on how it is done.

Here, we use the Spectrum website to manage the wifi settings. This method is somewhat more straightforward than the previous one. All you have to do is log onto your Spectrum online account and change the Spectrum wifi name and password.

Step#1– Open a web browser

Open any browser of your choice and type in Now press Enter on your keyboard.

On the Spectrum home page, select Sign In to access your Spectrum account.

Step#2– Add in your credentials (user name and password)

Add your username and password in the field provided and hit Sign In to access your Spectrum account. On the Account Summary page, select the Services tab at the top.

Step#3– Make changes

Here, select the Internet tab under the Services and Equipment header.

Now, you can change your Spectrum wifi network information after you select Manage Network on the next page.

If you do not see the Manage Network option, you can try clicking the blue-colored arrow available below your wifi Networks.

Enter your new Spectrum wifi network password and then select Save to save changes.

Changing Spectrum WiFi password and WiFi name using My Spectrum App

Let us try to change the router password spectrum and name using the App. Most Spectrum users find this the most convenient way to change the Spectrum wifi name and password.

For this, get the My Spectrum App on your phone.

Step#1– Download the My Spectrum App on your mobile device

Download the Spectrum App from Google Play Store for Android users. Those who use iPhones or other Apple devices can always download the App from the Apple Play Store.

Step#2– Give consent

Begin by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the App before you begin to use it.

Step#3– Log in to your Spectrum account

Now, log in to your Spectrum online account using the Spectrum username and password.

Click on the option that says Sign In.

Step#4– Make changes to the router settings

Tap the Services option available at the end of the screen.

Now, click View and Edit Network Info on the next screen.

Step#5-Save changes

Now, tap in the new Spectrum wifi network name and wifi password of your choice, and finally, click Save to save the changes made.

What if I forget the password

In case you have forgotten your Spectrum wifi network name and password info, there is a way for you to get around the password requirement.

This can be done by connecting the Spectrum router directly with an ethernet cable and resetting the password.

If you do not have an ethernet cable, you can try resetting the router to its factory settings.

By resetting a Spectrum router, all the saved passwords and other data will be erased, and you can set the new wifi network name and password for your router.

Press the Reset button on the wireless router. It is located at the back of the device, along with the ethernet ports. It is a pin-sized hole with the word Reset next to it. You will need a pin or a paper clip to poke the Reset button.

Step#2– Open the browser

Open any browser of your choice, enter the router’s IP address in the address bar, and press Enter on your keyboard.

Step#3- Enter name and password

Now, enter the default network name and password for your router; this information will be available along with the IP address on the router device.

Step#4- Reset the password

Proceed to reset Spectrum’s wifi name and password. You will find this option mostly under the Administration or Settings tab.

Here, enter the new password of your choice, which you can remember every time you log in to your router settings.

Step#5- Save changes

Now, go ahead, and press Save to apply the changes made.


Was this article helpful? You can follow any of the above methods whenever you decide to change the Spectrum wifi username and password.

Here are some more helpful tips for having a solid password.

  • Make sure you use 8-16 characters in length.
  • Make sure they contain both letters and numbers.
  • Set the password such that it is different from the Spectrum wifi name.

Please let us know in the comments box how the experience was while changing the password of your single or dual-band router.

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