Best Dual Chamber PC Case: Top 5 Picks

Best Dual Chamber PC Case

Are you looking for the best dual chamber PC case? If you answered ‘Yes’, this review is a treat. If you want to learn more about them before making a buying decision, you’ve landed in the right place. 

So, what’s a dual-chamber computer case, you might ask. To understand that, let’s consider some of the crucial factors when we look into PC case for gaming:

  • Hardware requires a lot of space, so the computer case must be spacious.
  • To keep all the components, there should be ample airflow and ventilation.
  • Design and looks are essential for some people to show off their PC components.

What’s the difference

All dual-chamber computer cases meet the criteria mentioned above. What sets it apart is its second hidden area that keeps relatively unattractive components out of sight. Moreover, a dual-chamber computer case offers better cable management compared to mid-range cases as you’re getting a separate chamber dedicated to hiding PSUs and hard drives, etc.

As a result, in the main chamber, your CPU or GPU sits in isolation, giving you a cleaner look with lots of air ventilation for all the parts. If you’re looking for a high-quality dual-chamber computer case, or have any doubts in your mind, keep reading. 

Top 5 Best Dual Chamber PC Case Reviews

Innovative design with enough space makes these a sought after product, which is why we’ve put together a guide showcasing five of the best dual-chamber computer cases for you. 

Corsair Series Air 540

This one is a PC case gaming enthusiasts would want to have. What’s so interesting about this PC tower gaming case is, it offers lots of high-quality features, yet it’s one of the cheapest ones around. 

To start with, Corsair Series Air 540 boasts excellent space in both the chambers. Here’s a quick look at what you’re getting:

  • Maximum GPU length: 320 mm
  • Expansion slots: 8
  • Gaming drive dimensions: 2 x 3.5 inches to 2 x 5.25 inches; or 6 x 2.5 inches

The ATX compatible mid-tower computer case offers enough space for a multi-GPU gaming rig. However, what sets this case apart is it’s cooling. 

The Air 540 computer case can hold up to six fans measuring 120mm or up to five 140mm fans. That includes two pre-installed AFL140L fans. What’s more? You can house radiators up to 360mm on the front, while the top can hold 280mm radiators.

If you’re thinking, for an ATX case, the housing capacity for the radiators is too limited, think again. When you have your PSU and drives hidden in a separate case, these liquid cooling and natural cooling options will be sufficient for all graphics cards and GPUs. And don’t forget the airflow design as well.  

Considering all of the housing features and space, the Corsair Air 540 dual-chamber PC case is undoubtedly a steal. And there’s more to talk about it.

This double chamber case has got a complete form factor. It has a durable steel exterior that forms a cube case with a simple and minimalistic look. In terms of simplicity, this PC case is top-notch as it drives your attention to the main chamber with neat internal parts. The tempered glass side panel adds to its uniqueness, allowing a beautiful view of the interiors. 

All in all, if you’re looking for a smart combination of style, visuals, cooling capability, and durability, Air 540 will be pretty tough to ignore. 

What We Liked

  • Affordable
  • Simple design and breath-taking features
  • Excellent airflow
  • Additional fans support

What We Disliked

  • Limited holding space for liquid cooling radiators
  • Supports ATX and lower motherboards

Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic

It’s tough to choose the best PC case, especially when you’ve got the Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic computer case in the lineup. Let’s talk about its quality first.

The Lian Li PC-011 boasts a sturdy SECC steel body, which is 0.8mm –  1mm thick. It features an aluminum front and dual tempered glass panel. Considering the price, the construction quality is remarkable.   

The front of the dual-chamber PC case features an extra window that gives you a clear view of the interior. So, let’s peek inside, shall we?  

You can spot there’s plenty of space for video graphics cards as tall as 420mm. Then, you’re getting eight expansion slots. For easy placement of drives, the PC case sports two 3.5-inch and four 2.5-inch drive bays. The lack of a 5.25-inch drive bay may be a concern, though.

The PC case offers both; air cooling and liquid cooling options. It provides massive space to house up to nine 120mm fans to air cool. There are also dedicated spaces for 360mm, 280mm, and 240mm coolers. Offering sufficient space for the motherboard, graphic cards, radiators, the PC-011 is more spacious than the Corsaire Air 540.

That means you can fit a more massive GPU as this mid-tower case can hold E ATX and mini ITX motherboards quite easily. If you want to add a power supply, you can install one in the second chamber by removing the remote drive caddy.

The only downside of the PC-011 we noticed is the limited capacity in the second chamber. It’s not as good as the Air 540. That said, it can hold multiple PSUs and drives, but you have to compromise on the cable management. 

While it’s not as affordable as the Corsaire Air 540, or have in-built fans, but PC-011D is an excellent choice if you have a larger motherboard, want additional power supply, or make a style statement. 

What We Liked

  • Supports up to E-ATX motherboards
  • Offers housing space for up to nine 120mm fans
  • Fantastic build showcasing dual-tempered glass with front window
  • Sufficient space for radiators

What We Disliked

  • The second chamber offers limited holding space
  • Cable management isn’t as good as Air 540
  • No built-in fan

Corsair Crystal 680X

If you’re looking for a high-end dual-chamber computer case, Corsair Crystal 680X is the perfect option. It offers many unique features that’ll do justice with a hefty price tag.  

Crystal 680X boasts a thick steel exterior, but that’s not it. What makes it so jaw-droppingly attractive is it’s tempered glass coverage. You’ll find tempered glass covers on the front, hinged side-window, and the top.

The RGB version of this model boasts three addressable LL120 fans. These are the best, and obviously, amongst the expensive kits to buy separately. Now couple that up with the pre-installed Lighting Node Pro RGB controller, which is another top-notch accessory in the market today.

Talking about it’s holding capacity, the dual-chamber PC case offers ten expansion slots, large space for 330mm GPUs. The second chamber can hide three 3.5 inch drive bays and four 2.5 inch drive bays.    

Want ample space for your video editing hardware? This fantastic case can hold SLI and gives lots of storage options to keep all the components safely inside. 

As far as cooling options are concerned, you’re getting eight 120 fans for natural cooling. For liquid cooling, the front can hold 360mm radiators while the top, bottom, and rear can hold 280mm, 140mm, and 280mm tall coolers. Moreover, the Corsair Crystal 680X ATX Case features a large secondary chamber for maximum airflow. 

This beautiful computer case is pricey, but it’s worth-grabbing if your pocket allows it. 

What We Liked

  • Industry-leading fans and fan controller
  • Best RGB controller in the market
  • Massive GPU space
  • Inspiring look and sturdy design

What We Disliked

  • Pricey option

Thermaltake Tower 900

If you’re looking for a robust PC case that addresses all your needs related to construction, style, cooling, holding capacity, then you should check Thermaltake Tower 900. First of all, it’s an EATX build that supports high-end CPUs/GPUs. 

This beast offers enormous size coupled with a dual-chamber design. It provides a vast capacity to house a graphics card up to 400mm. Plus, you’re also getting a vertical mount option with this one.  There are eight expansion slots and drive bays, including one for 5.35 inch, six for 2.5-3.5 inch, and two for 2.5inch drives. 

If connected with an EATX motherboard, this PC case offers a room for Quad-GPU builds. As far as the cooling is concerned, Tower 900 provides the most among all the dual-chamber PC cases. 

You’re getting loads of space for up to thirteen 120 mm fans. Moreover, you can fit one 480mm and one 560mm radiator for liquid cooling. These can be installed on the sides. That means you can make a good liquid/air cooling hybrid out of this model.  

Thermaltake Tower 900 also offers lots of customization to its users. Almost all the accessories, including the drive bays and dust filters, are detachable. So, you can always think about minimizing unnecessary components and get more airflow space in return. 

Lesser components mean better presentation and less vibration. And if you’re design-conscious, you’d want to compare this model with the 680X discussed above. And quite rightly so.

Thermaltake Tower 900 features an SGCC steel exterior with full-size windows on three sides. The construction is sturdier than tempered glass and slightly less sturdy than the walls of a fish tank. 

The main components will look attractive in the main chamber, while the second chamber hides other parts, giving a fantastic display. Size-wise, Corsair 680X may have the upper hand, but Tower 900 offers exceptional power and cooling capability.

What We Liked

  • Sturdy construction
  • Spacious chambers to house large components
  • Best for gaming, server, and video editing
  • Excellent cooling

What We Disliked

  • Not as large as some similar ATX models
  • Slightly expensive

Thermaltake Level 20HT

Thermaltake Level 20HT can be called a slightly smaller version of Tower 900, as it is pretty similar in more than one way. That’s why it’s been chosen as the best dual-chamber PC case.

This dual-chamber case is meant for EATX or smaller motherboards. That means you’ll get sufficient space for the computer components. Level 20HT case features eight expansion slots. It can house video graphic cards up to 400mm tall. Moreover, there are four 3.5/2.5 inch drive bays and one 2.5 inch drive bay.

So, if you have a large gaming computer, this model can easily house your EATX supported GPUs. When it comes to cooling, Thermaltake Level 20HT offers slots for up to ten 120mm fans, while two 140mm fans are included. For liquid cooling, you’ve got options to install two 360mm radiators on either side and a 280mm radiator on top.

The second chamber of the PC case offers good cable management, hiding your PSU, cables, and drives away for a clean and tidy look. Construction-wise, Thermaltake Level 20HT is similar to Tower 900. 

It features an SPCC steel exterior. You also get side panels and front made out of tempered glass. If this wasn’t enough, there’s a glass pane on top of the chassis as well. That’ll give a more relaxed look to your hardware.

There you have it. A nice, spacious, and stylish-looking PC chamber with sufficient storage and lots of options. Top it off with a low price tag, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic PC case.

What We Liked

  • Exceptional cooling
  • Sufficient space for housing EATX motherboards, large GPUs, and radiators
  • Tempered glass on three sides and top
  • Best for showing off your PC components
  • Reasonably priced

What We Disliked

  • SPCC steel is less sturdy than SGCC steel
  • Less room and features compared to Tower 900

Best Dual-Chamber Case Guide

Although you’ve got plenty of concerns sorted out in the reviews above, we’ve got some more tips for you. Keep reading to get the best pick according to your requirements.


First thing first, consider the hardware components, especially their sizes. Remember, PC casing should be large enough to cover your motherboard completely. It must also provide sufficient clearance wrong the wall to ensure smooth airflow. 

Based on the GPU sizes, there are different PC cases available in the market, such as Micro ATX, Mini ATX, Mini ITX, E ATX, etc. So, make sure the PC case you’re buying has been tried and tested on the motherboard size.

Cooling features

As it’s not an ordinary desktop PC, your GPU or Server needs proper air cooling to work smoothly for hours. Therefore, apart from the room for your hardware components, the PC case should offer cooling options, including fan cooling and liquid cooling. 

Some models, as we have already discussed, come with built-in fans, while almost every model features a fan and liquid cooling support. Keep in mind; these are the E ATX or ATX models that are spacious enough to house several fans and coolers as tall as 350mm. 

However, if you want something minimalistic, make sure it offers hybrid cooling for your hardware.

Design and looks

Gaming units have relatively larger motherboards, and they look lovely when housed in a tempered glass case. You can touch up the interiors with some RGB lightings, and there you go; a beautiful gaming station is ready for you. 

Although it’s not necessary, most users tend to go with tempered-glass models. The purpose isn’t to show off; primarily, they’re more inclined towards monitoring the performance of their components. 

At the same time, PC cases should also address the issue of messy wires and dirty cables. This is why most PC cases come with chambers to hide those cables and provide more clearance to the components sitting in the main compartment. 

That said, if showing off isn’t your cup of team, you can buy many other dual-chamber PC cases, such as Cooler Master HAF XB EVO. 


Most of the PC case models we’ve discussed above feature steel exterior that can withstand high internal temperature. SGCC, SECC, and SPCC steel exteriors have been quite famous for keeping your surroundings unaffected concerning the internal heat, noise, and vibration. 

Moreover, tempered glass and thick glass offer extra support to the entire design, making them sturdier, vibration, and noise resistant. Aluminum, faux aluminum, and low-grade steel are other materials that reduce the price of the PC case substantially.   


As far as accessories of the computer cases are concerned, the front panel (mostly) features connectors and slots for additional accessories, such as headphones, microphones, USB 3.0, or USB 2.0 devices. 

Moreover, there are additional slots to insert graphic cards and power supplies. Both the interior and the rear panel features cutouts and loops for smart cable management. In modern-day PC cases, you’ll get drive bays to attach your drives easily.


We hope that you’ve gone through our top 5 dual-chamber PC cases. We also hope that you’ve read all the essential requirements to buy the right model for yourself. 

The Corsair Series Air 540 is a PC case best for all purposes. This one is stylish, spacious, budget-friendly, and offers a solid form factor.  On the other hand, if you’re going after styling with no pressure of budget, you can choose Corsair Crystal 680X or Thermaltake Tower 900. 

Weigh your specific casing pc gaming requirements against the features each one is offering, and make the right decision.

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