5 Best 360mm Radiators 2023 – Buyers Guide

Best 360mm Radiators 2020 - Buyers Guide

So, you are now using an air cooler for your CPU and now looking to cool it in the best possible way? In that case, you need an AIO cooler for your PC. The best way to do so is to install a 360 mm AIO cooler as it will give you maximum cooling as it has a larger surface area, and you can put huge fans on it! A radiator is a part of the AIO cooler along with other components.

In this guide, we will look at the best 360mm radiator. But, before we do so, let’s quickly learn more about an AIO cooler and what it offers to you.

What is an AIO cooler?

An AIO cooler stands for All in one cooler. It is a liquid cooler that consists of multiple components, including the following.

  • A waterbuck
  • Tubing
  • Pump
  • Coolant
  • Radiator

So, as you can see, a radiator is a component of an AIO cooler. So, how does a right radiator helps in keeping your CPU cool?

So, generally, in AIO cooling, the coolant or liquid used in the cooler AIO absorbs the heat generated by the CPU through the baseplate. The heat then moves to the water block from where it continues to move through the pipes and then to the radiator using one tube. The radiator then exposes the liquid to the air. This process is repeated to keep the CPU cooler! It is similar to the car radiator works!

The quality of the heat dissipation depends on different factors, including the use of quality liquid, radiator, and the fans mounted on it to dissipate the heat.

Things to check before buying a 360mm Radiator

There are many things that you need to keep in mind before getting the right radiator for your AIO build. After all, it acts as a way for the heat to escape the system, and that’s why it needs to be chosen correctly.

The Right Size

The size of the fans determines the radiator size that it can hold. For the most part, the bigger the size, the better the cooling. However, it would help if you also balanced out the noise generated by the fans mounted on it. If you buy the most significant possible radiator, you also have to invest in big fans that may sound more than smaller fans.

That’s why a 360 mm radiator can be an excellent fit for modern PCs that needs performance cooling without the need to break the bank or sound like a JET!

Also, a 360 mm is a perfect fit if you want to overclock your CPU as it dissipates the extra heat and keeps your CPU cooler in an overlocked state.

Number of Fins

The next big thing that you need to look for is the number of fins on the radiator. It is generally measured as Fins per inch(FPI), which is listed in the specifications. The number determines how many fins are present per inch. The more, the better. That’s what makes it an important metric.

However, if you go for a radiator with high FPI, you need to know that higher values of FPI result in more sound.

So, the best approach to this is to look for a radiator that has balanced fins per inch and sound. For a 360 mm radiator, it is a good idea to go for a balanced approach. Lastly, you need to invest in high-quality fans to create static pressure for the best possible cooling.


You also need to take care about the thickness of the radiator that you are working on. For the most part, a decent thickness works perfectly for your build. But, if you cannot install long ones, you need to take a look at thicker radiators as they will offer more surface area for dissipation of heat, improving cooling performance.

The idea is to go for longer radiators if there is space. In case there is limited space, then you need a thick radiator for your AIO-build.

The 5 Best 360mm Radiators

Corsair Hydro X Series XR5 360mm

What You Get

I love the Corsair Hydro X Series XR5. It is one of the best high-performance radiators that you can get at a decent budget. So, what’s so special about this one?

First of all, it supports both side mounting, which is useful for builders as they can choose the side on which to mount the fans. It is also thick with 300 mm thickness. I think it is more than enough to provide adequate cooling when coupled with the right fans.

Inside the Corsair XR5, you will find the use of premium cooper. The fins used here is 25 micron. Combining both of them, you will get an extensive cooling system for your build.

Moreover, to ensure proper installation, it provides screw mounts and protection for longer screws as well. The coating on it is matte black. This means it will fit with most system style.

What I liked

  • Excellent quality
  • 25-micron fins
  • 30 mm thickness
  • Screw install guide

What I disliked

  • Nothing

Key Specifications

  • Size: 360 mm
  • Fins: 25 micron
  • Thickness: 30 mm
  • Dimensions: 15.59 x 4.72 x 1.18 inches

Thermaltake Pacific DIY Liquid Cooling System CL360

What You Get

Thermaltake Pacific is a perfect fit for a DIY liquid cooling system. It comes in different sizes, including 360mm, 420 mm, and 480 mm.

The first thing that you will notice about it is its thickness, which stands at 64 mm. The higher thickness helps to provide more density fins at 14 per inch.

Overall, the build is neat and robust, so you will be able to install it on your PC safely. Also, it is built to transfer heat successfully with maximum efficiency. The internals of the Thermaltake CL360 uses copper for better heat dissipation.

Lastly, it comes with five inputs and outputs, two on each side, and one at the bottom for cleaning purposes.

What I liked

  • Clean design
  • Density fins at 14 per inch
  • Comes with screw set
  • Fans can be put on both side

What I disliked

  • Nothing!

Key Specifications

  • Size: 360 mm
  • Fins: 14 per inch
  • Thickness: 64 mm
  • Dimensions: 17.4 x 6.53 x 3.8 inches

Black Ice Nemesis 360GTS

What You Get

If you ask me for the best 360mm radiator, then I will choose the Black Ice Nemesis. It is made by HW Labs, which are known for their build quality.

It is designed excellently and comes with the standard G 1/4″ inlet/outlet solution. This means that you get two on both sides and one at the bottom for cleaning.

You can use the 360GTS for systems that work silently as it is now optimized to work with sub-800 fans as well! Also, it utilizes a copper-based solution, as well. So, you get the complete package with it.

You can easily mount it with the help of the screws and the user guide provided by them.

What I liked

  • Clean design
  • Great cooling
  • The high-quality material used for

What I disliked

  • Lack of specifications

Key Specifications

  • Size: 360 mm
  • Fins: No information provided
  • Thickness: Not super thick
  • Dimensions: 15.67 x 5.24 x 1.16 inches


What You Get

XSPC EX360 is also an excellent 360 mm radiator that you can use with your PC build. Just like others, it also gives you access to 5 ports. The two ports are located on each side of the radiator, whereas the last port is provided at the bottom so that you can clean it from time to time.

At the core, they have used copper and brass, which provide adequate cooling capacity. To ensure that the radiator fits all modern builds, the EX360 is matte black painted. In fact, the core is also matte black painted to ensure that it gives a consistent look.

The package comes with crews. This will enable you to use it from the get-go. To make the best use of the radiator, it is advised to use static fans.

What I liked

  • Slim and stylish
  • Good quality material
  • Easy to install
  • Screws come along

What I disliked

  • No proper specification on their page

Key Specifications

  • Size: 360 mm
  • Fins: No information provided
  • Thickness: 35.5 mm
  • Dimensions: 121 x 35.5 x 395 mm

EKWB EK-CoolStream SE 360

What You Get

The last radiator that we are going to discuss is the EKWB EK- CoolStream SE 360. It offers high-performance as it utilizes brass champer along with copper fins. The housing of SE 360 is made up of steel and aluminum.

Unlike other providers, they have provided the number of fins per inch, which is 22. This also makes it one of the high-density ones. The increased number of fins also means that it provides better cooling.

In terms of ports, you get the standard five ports. The dimensions are 400 x 120 x 28 mm. The SE 360 is 28mm thick.

What I liked

  • Clean design
  • Easy to install
  • High fins density

What I disliked

  • Nothing

Key Specifications

  • Size: 360 mm
  • Fins: 22 per inch
  • Thickness: 28 mm
  • Dimensions: 400 x 120 x 28 mm

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: How many radiators do I need?

A: You only need one right radiator for the system. There is no need to buy more than one for your machine. If you are looking to cool your GPU and CPU, you may want to get an extra one.

Q: Should radiator fans be exhaust or intake?

A: The idea is to create static pressure in the case. You can try the fans to be intake or exhaust. It depends on how the other fans in your case are mounted.

Q: How do I clean my AIO radiator?

A: To clean your AIO radiator, you need to blow compressed air through it in a backward direction. It should be enough to clean your AIO. The above method will work for the pull. In case of a push, you need to remove one fan and blow air through that side. Once done, install the removed fan, and you are good to go.

Q: Can I put fans on both sides of the radiator?

A: It will work, but it is not recommended to do so because of investment in fans, the noise they will produce, and added power draw.

Q: Is 360mm radiator enough?

A: In most cases, yes, a 360mm is enough. However, if you are limited in budget, you can check out 240 mm radiators.

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