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PC-Diag, Inc. is recognized as a worldwide leader in the development and marketing of Award-Winning PC Diagnostic Software, Remote Diagnostics, and Benchmark Test Software. Our mission is to deliver state-of-the-art technology that not only delivers powerful results, but software that is also affordably priced.
Since its’ inception, many selective customers who’ve purchased our products have come to expect us to deliver tools that offer top value and effective results. Because our products live up to these expectations, we have many repeat buyers. Thus, it is clear that your business is important to us, and we will go to extreme lengths to serve you. If you are particular about whom you do business with look no further.
Additionally management’s focal point is not just on software development, but also based on the results of our customer satisfaction surveys. Following notification of a negative or marginal survey, our managers immediately follow up with the customer to resolve the specific issue and more importantly find a supplementary diagnostic solution.
PC-Diag then focuses on the cause of problem and takes remedial action to ensure the incidence is not repeated. Negative surveys are also brought to the attention of the CEO to ensure that follow-up and corrective action has occurred. This reflects PC-Diag’s focus on doing everything possible to assure that the customer is completely satisfied with PC-Diag.
The PC-Diag team has been developing and marketing Award Winning diagnostics for over a decade.